Turnabout Memoirs' OOC Thread

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Turnabout Memoirs' OOC Thread Empty Turnabout Memoirs' OOC Thread

Post by Jessica Ilha on Mon May 21, 2018 12:11 am

Obvious topic title is obvious.

This is the OOC thread for the Turnabout Memoirs RP! You can use this thread to make questions, discuss things related to the RP.

I'm replicating the rules here, since I feel this post is too small. *shot*

- For the time being, no more than two canon characters per RPer;
- OCs are allowed, to the limit of two per RPer, regardless of how many canon characters you have;
- Please apply here and wait for my approval before posting as an OC character (no need to apply if you're taking a canon character);
- Please be really careful with the timeline!;
- Even if you're supposed to take care with the timeline, don't hold yourself back because of it! As long as we don't blatantly contradict the canon, everything is possible!;
- Sprites aren't mandatory, as I understand that not every character alive by May, 2014 has according sprites, but I'd be really pleased if you used them when possible;
- Headcanons are fine, but please try not to bring up a headcanon involving another RPer's character without discussing it with them first;
- As there are people sensitive with spoilers, please keep them to a minimum regarding AAI2 and Spirit of Justice. The others games are around for a fair amount of time now, so I guess they're okay. Anyway, except for T&T and some other cases happening in the past, I don't think we'll be dealing with a whole lot of spoilers, so...

Here is the application form for your OC characters:
Original Character application form:
Picture (If you have one link it here):

Here's the roster so far:
Manfred von Karma - Regiwi
Mia Fey - Jessica Ilha
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