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Post by Jessica Ilha on Mon May 21, 2018 12:11 am

May, 2014
Grossberg Law Offices

It was another normal workday at Grossberg Law Offices. Lawyers don't have it easy, you know: as long as a client doesn't show up on your door, you'll be left without money for God knows how long. And that's why no lawyer at the office dared to skip a day of work... Specially when things were as slow as they were.

Turnabout Memoirs Y-mia-13

Mia closed her appointment book after taking the third glance at it in less than ten minutes. What was the point, anyway? She knew it was almost empty, except for one appointment really late on that day. She specialized herself on Criminal Law; could she expect people to get murdered just so she had some work to do? She knew she couldn't.

In fact, Mia's life was seeming really pointless as of lately. She still had a life goal to fulfill, mind you, but after arresting her cousin, who made her lose the one she loved, everything seemed pointless. She always knew that arresting Dahlia wouldn't bring Diego back, but still...

That was just one of the reasons that made Mia decide on setting up her own office. She couldn't stand Grossberg's office anymore: every inch smelled either like Diego's coffee or the scent of fresh lemon from her Chief's youth... Memories she didn't want to relive weren't all that moved her forward, though: she knew that, as long as she stayed under Grossberg's wings, she would never fulfill her goal.

Also, she already got all the info that Grossberg hid anyway...

This was only the prologue to her own story. One day, she'd become successful enough to clean her family's name. She just needed to take the first step.

Welcome to Turnabout Memoirs, my first RP ever! (The idea came from Regi, though. Thank the guy, not me.)

Although the kickoff is centered at Mia's life working at Grossberg Law Offices, the RP is not limited to that setting. As long as it happens in the same period of time, that's to say, May, 2014 (simply put, one month after 3-1), you can come up with anything you want.

Also, you don't need to think about contrived plots or anything. Just have your character show up and make them do stuff. When you least expect, things will be rolling! And if they don't roll towards a huge plot, that's fine! We're just here to have fun.

Also, be sure to check Regi's RP, which is set five years in the future from this RP! (which he may not have posted yet >>)

- For the time being, no more than two canon characters per RPer;
- OCs are allowed, to the limit of two per RPer, regardless of how many canon characters you have;
- Please apply at the OOC thread and wait for my approval before posting as an OC character (no need to apply if you're taking a canon character);
- Please be really careful with the timeline!;
- Even if you're supposed to take care with the timeline, don't hold yourself back because of it! As long as we don't blatantly contradict the canon, everything is possible!;
- Sprites aren't mandatory, as I understand that not every character alive by May, 2014 has according sprites, but I'd be really pleased if you used them when possible;
- Headcanons are fine, but please try not to bring up a headcanon involving another RPer's character without discussing it with them first;
- As there are people sensitive with spoilers, please keep them to a minimum regarding AAI2 and Spirit of Justice. The others games are around for a fair amount of time now, so I guess they're okay. Anyway, except for T&T and some other cases happening in the past, I don't think we'll be dealing with a whole lot of spoilers, so...

If there's anything you need to know, please talk to me (via the OOC thread, PM, Discord, you name it)! I may be busy from time to time, but I'm always ready to help anyone who needs~
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Turnabout Memoirs Empty Re: Turnabout Memoirs

Post by Regiwi on Mon May 21, 2018 1:23 am

((Let's get this party started, PERFECTLY. *Snap*))
*Meanwhile, across town in the Prosecutor's Building, in Room 1111 sits a figure at his desk. He seems to be awaiting someone's arrival.*
Turnabout Memoirs UXhRIF3

*On his desk sits a file he had just finished reading.*
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