The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

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The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

Post by Aliucon on Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:30 pm

Hello, and welcome to the General RP OoC Thread. Initially created by our dear old pal Sable-Xeno, this is a crossover RP that aims to impose few rules and promote creative interaction, trouble-solving and conflict creation. Due to its unruly nature, however, it may be hard to determine what has already happened on the story and what can potentially happen in the future.

While there are no limits to its future, this threads serves mainly to document facts and events that might be useful for both new and old players to know before diving right into the RP, or creating new locations and/or characters if the existing ones would serve the same or a similar purpose. Thus, here are some sections that might help the general audience.

If you wish to see the thread from the beginning for yourself, here's a link. Otherwise, refer to the resources below.


RP Summary:

Chapter 1: Somnus and Ground Zero

Our story begins with Marcus (a golden Hoopa, but momentarily disguised as a white Lucario), Alex the shiny(?) Zoroark and Taire, a Renamon, greeting a group of people into an undefined space which people seem to just stumble upon. A number of them come around and mostly just talk. Some are aware of the time anomaly which allows them to be present there, but don't act upon it. Instead, the exchanges eventually culminates into a full-on battle between Eggman, Marcus, Alex, Kerazon and his friends. Not all fighters are committed, however, and after a fateful interruption by Papyrus, it mostly ends with no victor, though Marcus loses an arm in the process.

The First Doctor, however, is the one to take a more active approach in searching the source of the anomaly, and is aided by Dave, Sherlock Holmes and Grovyle in that endeavor. They go for the TARDIS and amongst some conversation, the TARDIS identifies a Celebi in its monitor as the probable perpetrator of this madness. The group takes off and lands on the Pocket Dimension that the Celebi, named Somnus, created. He reveals that he's keeping both this dimension and Ground Zero afloat in order to help Marcus unlock his seals faster, given who he claims he is, and that this will ultimately be in Somnus' best interest, despite admitting that Marcus is, indeed, out of his mind. The Doctor resolves to help Somnus so long as the messing with time stops thereafter.

Meanwhile, after the initial scuffle on Ground Zero, Marcus almost kills Taire in order to unlock one of his seals, then dissapears from the place while Taire is healed by Astrid. From then on, though there are some people around the initial area yet, the scene slowly shifts towards a fast-food restaurant described as being in another city...

Chapter 2: McDolan's and the Battle of 1000 Taxless

At the local McDonald's, someone named Grandis, who is in apparent control of a regular Hoopa, frees said Hoopa into its Unbound form, causing chaos on the restaurant and fighting KeraMaster, Ash and his Pokémon, who were inside. Somnus warns the Doctor's group about this, and opens up a portal through which the Doctor goes into to check the situation. Only the Doctor goes through, and with the arrival and help of Josuke, they managed to silence the battlefield and demand explanation. Grandis mentions that his associates are not only the Hoopa, and they might just keep coming regardless of himself, which prompts the Doctor to go back and think of a more widespread solution to the problem.

Back at the Pocket Dimension, John Cena meets Trumpanort and... uh... this happens... Anyway, he begins the Battle of 1000 Taxless. This prompts an exponential increase of people popping up both in the area of McDonald's and the Pocket Dimension to fight. The fight barely starts when Sheogorath casts a spell that sends the whole McDonald's crew into the battlefield on the Pocket Dimension, causing utter chaos. The fight rages for several pages, ranging from actual fighting to several methods of tax filling and money debacles, but the only real casualty is the Doctor, which is put into regeneration.

During the battle, Viridi ultimately decides to retreat into her temple and nuke the dimension with a Reset Bomb if the others can't get it under control, though a series of events (read 'Gaston') cause a Reset Bomb to be thrown over her own temple. The Doctor, once his regeneration gets through and aided by a new assortment of people, get there while the bomb is flying and he lands just after it crashes and makes another location: the Reset Bomb Forest.

Back at the Battle of 1000 Taxless, it slowly stops to a crawl as the Taxless are defeated and Trumpanort is engaged by other people like Fred and Marcus. He still finds time for something else, however. During the chaos, Adachi is pursued relentlessly by Nyarlethotep in order to be made a vessel, but Trumpanort interjects by demanding Adachi for his own. The case goes to court, beginning the trial for Adachi's heart, presided by Bobobo, with Phoenix Wright as defense attorney and Franziska as prosecutor.

Chapter 3: The First Child and the Master's Plan

From Viridi's Temple, Dark Pit and Lapis Lazuli decide to investigate what caused the Reset Bomb to drop over the structure. They go to the Reset Bomb Forest near the Doctor's group, and almost get to them when Chara comes into the scene. After a brief fight and Lapis fleeing the scene, Chara brutally murders Dark Pit and takes his wings for themselves, which magically work, and then proceeds to wander off into the woods. Guntz retrieves the corpse while the Doctor and his crew pursue Lapis to calm her down and ask for some more information. Frisk and The Doctor are eventually able to calm her down and have her join the crew.

In the trial for Adachi's heart, arguments are put back and forth, and Nyarlathotep manifests itself by the end with the visage of Manfred von Karma. He gives a lengthy explanation to make the point that Adachi is his, which is "thoroughly" cross-examined. After enough time of not making sense, Adachi himself snaps and summon his Persona, immediately being sentenced "Guilty" and sent to Gay Baby Jail. Magatsu-Izanagi doesn't immediately go away, however, and thoroughly destroys the courtroom before dissapearing. Trumpanort eventually makes a pathway which leads to a hospital in the same city which originally housed the McDonald's, and a few characters go through there into the city, while others, like Adachi, just warp there anyway.

At Viridi's temple, after an event mostly shrouded in mystery, Viridi herself feels a bit more like using the full brunt of her power in Reset Bombs against the world(s) and human(s), which is just compounded further when Guntz comes around to the temple to deliver Dark Pit's dead and mangled body, and a sudden appearance of Arlon to plant some more doubts in her mind. This leads to her not being receptive when the Doctor's group approaches, and a full-on fight between the two groups ensues.

During the fight, the Doctor is captured and the present Arlon reveals who he truly is: the Master. He reveals his plans to have Reset Bombs deployed around a number of places, and with a few modifications, the bombs would not only have their intended effect but also would be able to get control over machinery, which the Master would then be able to use for himself. He then locks up the Doctor and the battle escalates further, both inside and outside the sanctum, between the Doctor's party and the Forces of Nature. When reaching Viridi, Frisk is able, after a fight, to Spare her very effectively (and with sweet art) and dispel the Master's influence. The Doctor also escapes and reveals his rival's plans to the others. The Master then flees to the Reset Bomb Factory.

Chapter 4: Determination and the Master's foil

The whole group at Viridi's temple decides to divide their efforts. Most of them (spearheaded by the Doctor's crew) is to infiltrate the Reset Bomb Factory, lower its defenses to allow reinforcements in through the Lightning Chariot and then stop the Master from firing his modified Reset Bombs. Others are concerned with Chara's presence in the Reset Forest. Palutena and Astrid, as well as a number of non-godly characters like Peridot, Trilby and Rose Quartz end up there to aid one effort or another.

Around here, Bill Cipher makes arrangements with a dangerous individual, which is none other than another guy named Bill. He considers Detective Pikachu and his company in the dirty streets of the city a nuisance for having seen the dissapearance of a statue, and hires goons to go after them. The Midnight Crew, with its wide array of low-pay physical labor, catches up with their target and a big battle ensues.

At the Reset Bomb Factory, the Doctor meets the real Arlon when captured, but expediently gets away after using the Master's Arlon disguise to his advantage, and the rest of the group fights their way towards the Master, and the Lightning Chariot also heads towards the place. The group gets to the Master, and the Doctor appears to be shot, only for it to be revealed that Arlon and the Doctor had switched appearances all along, in preparation for the event. The Master is thereby seized and reveals that he had more help hired beforehand. A number of ships from the Space Pirates cues in, having been invisible beforehand, and a sky battle rages. However, save for a few individuals under the influece of ungodly terrible forces, after the Master is dealt with and most Reset Bombs are stopped, the remaining Space Pirates land at the factory for a ground assault, and more battling happens.

Meanwhile, Chara, having previously met Bec Noir and killed a Centurion, finds a fleeing Lapis Lazuli and pursues her, eventually stumbling upon even more gems and other nuisances in the middle of the Reset Forest. Bec stays mostly on their side, and they fight continuously against the enemies that show up. When Frisk joins the party, Chara starts fighting a battle of resets, until they eventually flee...

Chapter 5: Brewing Darkness, and the White Chateau

Chara eventually finds their way to Viridi and inquires where the action is happening. Chara also join forces in a very haphazard way with the lord of the underworld Hades and his new assistant Junko, which bring them to their hellish abode. Once they leave, Viridi takes the cue to rebuild her temple and get ready for any further advances, unaware that the temple is being infiltrated by Sephiroth, Kellam, Exdeath and some sword fairy.

Phoenix gets warped back to his reality and, after a time lapse that I can only imagine has to do with the McGuffin, he, Apollo and Mia find themselves in No Man's City and overseeing a trial that they heard will definitely be rigged towards a Not Guilty verdict by some shadowy presence. All three individuals seem to be from an universe that experienced the McGuffin and plot-related technology.

Meanwhile, the fight with Rhino ends, and Spider-Man gets help from your friendly neighborhood shop owner called Pete after the fight with Rhino, and agrees to investigate a bit about the Big P, some sort of underground overlord that took the opportunity of the city's chaos and whose influence is not to be underestimated. He then proceeds to enter a scuffle with Susie. Red (not that one) takes Detective Pikachu to the Poké Center and after healing him but being unable to understand him due to not having enough Friendship yet, finds herself led by him to the Looker Bureau.

Lupin narrowly escapes death from a flat-chested goddess and seems to go on his merry way to continue his heist, while Zenigata finds one Sherlock Holmes and discusses intensely about him being Lupin in disguise or not. They seem to have every plan in place to catch Lupin and his plans to get the crown jewels in Paris.

Bill continues his nefarious plans, which, as Alex discovers, may involve Ultra Beasts as well as Pokémon. Also, Dark Cage is still at large and receiving lessons on how to be a villain by some of the most nefarious villains around. Number one villains, in fact.

Meanwhile, some Pokémon Trainers convene, seemingly setting something big up in No Man's City... Well, some of them are. Others are just now joining.

Chapter 6: The City's Underground & The Foreboding Future

After a few hindrances, Chara manages to infiltrate the TARDIS and start to hack into it with the right tool. However, they are left waiting for a potentially immense period of time for it to be effective, and the Doctor manages to expunge the area the child was in. Dauntless, the child keeps at its task, then vanishes. The Doctor continues the trip, though the TARDIS takes a crash landing in No Man's City, where its landing is promptly scrutinized by the ones in Looker's Bureau, as well as the city's law enforcement.

While this is happening, in another time, the Fourth Doctor takes Lynne into the TARDIS to show her a dystopian future that might happen from the result of a death in the current  timeline, if it's not averted in time. A being born from what caused this alternate timeline reveals itself, known as Shadow Mewtwo. Shadow Mewtwo aided by what seems to be John the Pokemon Trainer battles and murdered future Spider-man, before battling Future Tuslo and Astrid. As the battle rages, the Doctor and Lynne go with the survivors into the underground of the city, looking for shelter. Eventually they find refuge, but in that refuge they run into someone else, the Master, now on his final regeneration and nothing more than a living husk.

The Domecrats vortex created in Viridi's Temple begins to grow and Viridi realises she can't deal with it alone, reluctantly asking Arlon to get Palutena to return. Palutena returns and comes up with a plan to make the vortex into a portal to another world, so that there's a chance of the Temple simply being teleported rather than sucked into nothingness. It works and Viridi's Temple lands in Gensokyo, beginning the latest incident in the land. Meanwhile those on the final remaining pirate ship which has been under the influence of Chzo are released due to the heroic efforts of John Cena. The majority of them are teleported away to Gensokyo along with the Temple. In Gensokyo survivors of the events that took place at SEGA arrive. They are given the typical Touhou greeting with a witch who's spoiling for a fight. Then Marina arrives thinking she's in the middle of a splatfest and starts opening fire, naturally leading to a fight with rather messy results. There is mention of an upcoming festival.

Meanwhile, in YTP World, Hyrule specifically, the King battles Ganon and his minions seemingly defeating them, until the blood moon rises once again. Following this, the fighting becomes more intense with the tired army of the King struggling. Then Rita Repulsa, searching for her wand sends Eyeguy to the battlefield. He is defeated by the combined might of the King, Demoman and Bender, however not before he reads the King's mind and brings some bad thoughts to the surface. This destroys the King's morale and during his stupor he is killed by a stray shrapnel plate from an exploded Armos knight. As the battle goes on, Rita's attention is brought to another bizarre place where Farore, the Oracle of Secrets Resides. Excited to actually have a key role rather than being a minor character, she grants Rita entrance to the realm of secrets with the Tetraforce. The realm of secrets holds things such as Hoaxes, myths and falsehoods that were never meant to be. This opens all sorts of portals all around CD-i Hyrule.

Meanwhile, Mia, Apollo, Trucy and Phoenix convene at the local library with new-found allies and start digging into the history of the city, as well as any current powerful players in its history. After digging into Palm Robotics and scrutinizing other case files, the group decides to split up to investigate both a recently bought out aquarium by Palm Robotics and the apparent headquarters of the company. Following the discussion in the Library, the Anythings along with Rohan, Alexis the Summoner and Archie go to the Aquarium. There they see a large variety of water Pokemon and the rather 'unique' staff. Archie disappears running off excitedly whilst the group decide to look into the Special Viewing Area. Meanwhile, the other group or rather pair of Aqua and Vespus go to explore Palm Robotics. Whilst there they meet Susie who pretends to be just another shopper and are given a 'tour' of the facility. The 'tour' seems to involve meeting Mecha Knight and 'testing' it's combat abilities...

(To be continued)

Major Locations:

Ground Zero: Where people first met. Was apparently created by Somnus, but populated (as far as luring people into it goes) by Marcus. Mostly non-descriptive, but vast: it has a hill over which Protoman first gets to the scene, so it's most likely an open area. Likely coupled with trees too, since Regulus came from a patch of them.

Pocket Dimension: The space which Somnus used as base of operations. It's remarked that, though Pocket Dimensions are usually temporary, this one is surprisingly stable, and hosts a significant event on the RP: the Battle of 1000 Taxless.

No Man's City: A dark, gritty city which is somehow physically connected to Ground Zero, due to the ability that some people had of traveling from there to here by foot. It has a good hospital with very particular nurses and used to house a McDolan's, but not anymore. It is pretty vast and surrounded by hills, one of which completely singed and exploded due to Segata Sanshiro. This city's population doesn't seem to consist of mainly humans, either: there's a fair share of Pokémon. Rumor has it that it's ruled by an underground group of sly criminals.

McDolan's: It is a smaller location first visited by Ash and Regulus here. Has its actual name but let's not tempt copyright. It eventually merges with the Pocket Dimension when Sheogorath decides to throw it and all people inside and in the general vicinity into the Battle of 1000 Taxless, and is now just a complete wreck of a former establishment.

Viridi's Temple: Rather than a temple for worship, it's actually Viridi's home, and the base of the Forces of Nature. The outer parts of it are very much destroyed due to a number of events, but the inner area (which is Viridi's and the other officer's collective bedroom) still has something to it. It also has a bit of a new, outer room with a river stream passing around it, which is supposed to be Lapis Lazuli's quarters.

Reset Bomb Factory: Under Viridi's control, it is a floating mass of land where Reset Bombs, the Forces of Nature most devastating weapons, are produced. The Master once almost seized complete control of it with modified versions of the bombs.

Small Abyss: Originally the area where Nyarlethotep retrieved Adachi to possess him unimpeded, it hosted, thanks to Bobobo, a trial for Adachi's heart. Otherwise, it's supposed to be an empty space, occasionally populated with tentacles because I guess Nyarly is into that.

Gay Baby Jail: The place to whence Adachi was condemned. It's a cardboard prison, guarded by giant man-babies. It is rumored that nobody can escape a maximum-security cardboard prison, yet from the one person put into it, two people escaped it so far.

Smash Arena: It's a place for good, fair, Nintendo-approved fights. It floats in mid-air, and apparently has seats for a huge crowd and monitors that present new fighters. It is revealed to be adjacent to the city later on.

Don't-Trust-The-Nurses Hospital: A hospital to which several people from the courtroom incident went after the... erm... incident. It has great facilities, but you never know who might or might not be a nurse in it.

Tellur Town: A small town that, despite the distance from it, could be accessed from Gaston's Tavern. It has copious amounts of Pokémon up and about.

Sega HQ: As the name implies, it is the headquarters of the company SEGA. Has been invaded by Steven Universe in the past. Is the host of many beloved Sega characters, and led by Neptune and Segata Sanshiro.

Bill's Manor: (I assume this isn't his cottage by Cerulean since the music is Viridian city, but a-hem) This is the place from where Bill monitors a few of the events happening outside, which might be of interest to him and the "political parties" which he mentions being involved in. It has a number of monitors showing such events.

Harkinian's Ship: The KING has prepared a vessel to go after Duke Onkled and make him scrub all the floors. This is his ship. There's tons of dinner inside.

Tainted Ship: Due to Chzo's influence, one of the Space Pirate ships became a nightmare-ish vessel which held a few of our heroes for a horror show. That continues to this day.

Gaston's Tavern: Not actually owned by Gaston, but he receives credit for it anyway because people don't tire of praising him in the establishment. Rather old-fashioned and contains lots of beer and antlers.

Tiny Woods: The place featured in the beginning of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon has devolved into a mass of data, chaos, and confusion. In this place, a Grovyle became an Elecmon, and a charon is one of the few that can move across the landscape unharmed.

Author's Booth: It's from where the narration of the RP comes from. How it works is kind of shrouded in mystery since, if we as RPers are canon in this, the ones using the booth should be us. But who knows. Non-descript, other than the fact the previous occupant before it was taken over by Pokémon and illuminati triangles died a very Bec death.

District Courthouse: The courthouse is where trials will happen in No Man's City. Rumor has it that it's been recently contaminated by a powerful and influencial criminal group who can rig the results to their liking.

White Bureau: Looker's base in No Man's City. Arranged in a meeting between Steven Stone and a very prominent figure in No Man's City. Seems to have something to do with one of the versions of Hoenn from another dimension.


Happenings of debatably little importance

Despite the fact that Ground Zero wasn't presented in the RP for a while, nor was the name decided until the development of this thread, this post includes a music with the name Ground Zero.

Eggman sold an Eggmobile. It happened.

Dimitri actually had a map for the first location of the RP. This seems to imply Ground Zero had been in place for more time than Somnus had made others believe.

Rena makes a mental note of Hades very early. Almost a hundred pages later, Hades shows up. This gives some depth for it they ever meet.

Frisk was originally referenced to be female, but has changed to gender-neutral pronouns ever since.

Nyarlathotep's host in the early part of the story is a clone of Belle that just says "Yes, dear". You can't make this up.

This Taxless joined the Forces of Nature by smoking copious amounts of weed with his man Cragalanche. Yes.

This post shows how John Cena remembers the first Doctor.

Detective Pikachu's first case on-screen happens here. Ties together with the little story you will find on the beginning of the RP thread itself.

Chara can kill a bunch of small swarms in one turn. How quaint.

We've had our own Amalgamite of sorts.

Viridi has a magical girl/space pirate show which John Cena apparently watches and enjoys. They even have mechas, like one that Viridi immitates when fighting a giant Peridot. Currently on hiatus.

Viridi has a 300-page master thesis on why humans suck, all written on recycled paper she makes out of human cities she ends up destroying. She will show it on demand.

Palutena currently has Rita Repulsa's wand, and with that comes, mainly, the power to make people grow. Use wisely. Or not.

The biggest convenience store in No Man's City is called "Minuets". Mia discovered that.

Current Positions

Adachi has successfully Metal Gear Solid' his way out of his gay baby jail cell and is now being harrassed by Nyarly because of course he is.

Alex may or may not be an Incineroar that's facing several enemies at once.

Apollo is in the library with Mia and Phoenix.

Aqua has talked to the others in the library and is ready for an eventual split up.

Arlon is in Viridi's Temple.

Astrid is in Viridi's Temple or quite near it, talking to Frisk about their powers.

Azura is in an undisclosed location.

Bandit Keith ran like a wuss and is now nowhere. Probably in America. Or Canada.

Byakuren is being a silent beacon of holiness with a side of hotness in SEGA HQ.

Chara is spooky. Also on the TARDIS, trying to slowly hack into it- or they would be, if they hadn't vanished from sight.

Cirno is done for after a D.Va Self-Destruct. However, she is a fairy, and the volatile life force that made her in the first place can make her return at any time. Yes, this is how Touhou fairies work. They're immortal.

Compa is with others in the Sega HQ, in the background, protecting herself and others from the chaos that still ensues inside.

Dark Pit is still very much dead. His soul, however, is currently next to his body in an angel-shaped statue.

Detective Pikachu is investigating the site where the TARDIS crashed into No Man's City.

Eryn has become Sephiroth's weapon. Yes.

Exdeath is with Sephiroth and Kellam, ready to sink another world into the Void. In fact, he's doing so already. What he's currently doing after that is unknown.

Frisk is next to Viridi's Temple, talking things over with Astrid.

Gay Luigi is part of Harkinian's ship crew, and was required to give him counsil. He's now probably involved in the war between the King and Duke Onkled. His counterpart, however, Paper Luigi, is dealing with Lillie and Nebby in Toad Town.

Grovyle is still an Elecmon, and may have either chose to remain in the Tiny Woods or is a very silent patron of Komachi's boat.

Guntz is following Trilby across the tainted ship, and fought a Janga specter. Now that JOHN CENA beat the evil influence on it, he's now free to go anywhere from the Reset Bomb Factory.

Hades is being Hades in the Underworld and coaching his favorite despair-inducing student.

Harkinian (A.K.A. THE KING) is fighting a dank war against Duke Onkled, that was just hijacked by one of Rita's monsters.

Haruhi is unimpressedly strolling across No Man's City with Tracer and Yuki, searching for signs of something actually interesting.

IF is in the Sega HQ, shaking on her boots for fear of Iris Heart.

JOHN CENA finally beat the Undertaker in this week's super exciting Summer Slam! He's now the Champ twenty times over and is free to go where he wants.

Josuke has given the Doctor his final goodbyes before they parted ways in Viridi's Temple.

Junko is going along with Hades in the Underworld.

Kellam is with Sephiroth and Exdeath in Viridi's Temple, though what he did after the Void started setting is uncertain.

Klonoa is well-rested and ready for anything in Viridi's Temple.

Komachi is playing multiverse charon. Currently in the underworld of Olympus' Coliseum.

Lapis is smoothing things over with Peridot.

Lillie is on Toad Town. Still trying to get Nebby in the bag.

Link's got some stuff to show at Sega's HQ.

Looker is investigating the area where the TARDIS landed in No Man's City.

Lupin has successfully eluded the moe version of Nintendo and is still in Paris in preparation for his grand heist.

Lynne is with the Fourth Doctor, flying across a dystopian future.

Mia Fey is at the library with Phoenix and Apollo.

Neptune is in the SEGA HQ, transformed into Purple Heart in order to face off or save people from Iris Heart.

Olga is somewhere in No Man's City, with liberty to go whenever there. She was talking to Phoenix, but he warped away.

Palutena had a lively chat with the live Hades, and warped away to help Viridi deal with the Void.

Peridot was recently discussing the more recent events with Lapis Lazuli, somewhere in Viridi's Temple.

Phoenix Wright is just moving along with Mia and Apollo.

Pit is still in the Reset Bomb Factory and invading the ship that has Chzo's influence, alongside Phosphora. However, since JOHN CENA was our savior, he's free to go back now.

Red is in the site where the TARDIS crashed, mighty confused.

Rena is on Komachi's boat in the Olympus Coliseum's Underworld.

Rohan is in the library with the others.

Rose Quartz is resting after feeling Steven's destruction subconsciously.

Saitama is still in a weird dimension.

Sans was either sleeping comfortably somewhere in No Man's City or talking it out with the group that had Phoenix in it on the same place.

Segata is on Sega's HQ, biding his time. Or staring D.Va down in a contest. Also probably sleeping.

Sephiroth was scrutinizing Viridi's Temple alongside his buddies Exdeath and Kellam.

Sherlock is currently being accused of actually being Lupin the Third by Zenigata.

Spider-man has just befriended Tuslo.

Susie is now in shock with what happened with the streets of No Man's City.

The Doctor has taken off with the TARDIS by himself, but it crash landed in No Man's City. An alternate version of him is going across another future with Lynne.

The Master has retreated after the failed takeover of the Reset Bomb Factory, but he is by no means debilitated.

The Trainer, also known as John, is training further in Tellur Town.

Trumpanort just won the election, so who knows what he's doing right now. Probably building a wall.

Vanitas has seen some ship. He's within range of everyone surrounding the TARDIS.

Viridi is trying to contain the Void spreading on her temple by ExDeath. Just one of the many calamities she had to deal with that day.

Yashuo is still with Josuke at Viridi's Temple.

Zenigata is in Paris and still planning to catch Lupin.

Zinnia was the first to respond to the TARDIS accident in No Man's City and is still there.

... Note that not all characters are represented, especially the ones that haven't been moved for a while (or which I plain forgot), but this will try to keep being an improving list.


Kill Count
- Gaston (Destroyed by a Reset Bomb)
- LeFou (Destroyed by a Reset Bomb)
- Dark Pit (Brutally murdered by Chara)
- Steven (Exploded by D.Va's Self-Destruct)
- Cirno (Exploded by D.Va's Self-Destruct)
- Future Spider-man (Killed by Shadow Mewtwo)
- Future YTP World (Blown up by Shadow Mewtwo)
- Future John (Killed by Astrid following his possession by Shadow Mewtwo ending)
- King Harkinian (Killed by shrapnel from an exploding Armos.)

* The characters above are not beyond revival or play given some circunstances, but do send a message here or a PM to me before requesting to play any of these


... That's it for now. More info will be added as people request more and/or it seems pertinent to add more. Since the move of our old forum to a new server happened, I had to relink every single bit of info, so if something looks out of place, let me know so I can fix it.

And as always, don't question how long making and/or maintaining this takes.

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Re: The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

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Thank you again for all the work you do to keep this thing up to date and making me remember.
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Re: The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

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RIP Dark Pit.

I'm thinking about which characters I want to bring into the mix.

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Re: The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

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Anything you play will be lovely, Chloe ^.^
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Re: The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

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Is it murder o'clock yet

(yeah i'm gonna delete this app)

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Re: The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

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I think it is time for the best boy Adachi to return.

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Re: The General Roleplay OoC Discussion Thread

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