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Ace Attorney Files OOC thread

Post by Regiwi on Mon May 21, 2018 2:12 am

Hey so, this is the OOC thread for my Ace Attorney RP. I've got details about the RP in the first post of the actual RP thread, this is where you can post apps for OCs in the RP and see the Roster for canon characters.

Roster (CLICK HERE):

Keep in mind, this is just a basic roster I've done of characters I feel are viable here. If people want to take another character and can make a good case for it then I'm happy to add others to this.
Phoenix Wright- Regiwi
Maya Fey- ChipsnCookies
Miles Edgeworth- OPEN
Franziska Von Karma- OPEN
Pearl Fey- Jessica Ilha
Mia Fey- OPEN
Larry Butz- OPEN
Winston Payne- Regiwi
Bellboy- OPEN
Marvin Grossberg- OPEN
Judge- OPEN
Judge's Bro- OPEN
Will Powers- OPEN
Cody Hackins- OPEN
Penny Nichols- OPEN
Wendy Oldbag- OPEN
Lotta Hart- OPEN
Ema Skye- OPEN
Jake Marshall- OPEN
Angel Starr- OPEN
Mike Meekins- OPEN
Maggey Byrde- OPEN
Hotti- OPEN
Max Galactica- OPEN
Regina Berry- OPEN
Adrian Andrews- OPEN
Shelly De Killer- OPEN
Ron Delite- OPEN
Desirée DeLite- OPEN
Viola Cadaverini- OPEN
Victor Kudo- OPEN
Jean Armstrong- OPEN
Bruto Cadaverini- OPEN
Lisa Basil- OPEN
Iris- OPEN
Bikini- OPEN
Kay Faraday- OPEN
Shi-Long Lang- OPEN
Rhoda Teneiro- OPEN
Zinc Lablanc II- OPEN
Lauren Paups- OPEN
Tyrell Badd- OPEN
Colias Palaeno- OPEN
Justine Courtney- OPEN
Sebastian Debeste- OPEN
Ray Shields- OPEN
Nicole Swift- OPEN
Katherine Hall- OPEN
Delicia Scones- OPEN
John Marsh- OPEN
Trucy Gramarye- OPEN
Kristoph Gavin- OPEN
Klavier Gavin- OPEN
Olga Orly- OPEN
Guy Eldoon- OPEN
Plum Kitaki- OPEN
Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki- OPEN
Pal Meraktis- OPEN
Romein LeTouse- OPEN
Lamiroire- OPEN
Valant Gramarye- OPEN
Zak Gramarye- OPEN
Vera Misham- OPEN
Drew Misham- OPEN
Spark Brushel- OPEN
Simon Blackquill- OPEN
Bobby Fulbright- OPEN
Gaspen Payne- OPEN
Ted Tonate- OPEN
Candice Arme- OPEN
Damien Tenma- OPEN
Rex Kyubi- OPEN
Phineas Filch- OPEN
Florent L'Belle- OPEN
Aristotle Means- OPEN
Constance Courte- OPEN
Solomon Starbuck- OPEN
Yuri Cosmos- OPEN
Aura Blackquill- OPEN
Metis Cykes- OPEN
Jack Shipley- OPEN
Norma DePlume- OPEN
Herman Crab- OPEN

If you have any questions about the RP feel free to ask here, but hopefully I've covered most things in the original thread.


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