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The Moonbase Mystery Empty The Moonbase Mystery

Post by Shuda51 on Sun Aug 26, 2018 2:12 am

"Welcome, my friends, welcome!"

The screen in the opening lobby flickers on, a man standing in frame within the now playing video. He stands tall, a suit well placed on his form, though his face is obscured, save for a glowing visor enlightening his vision.

"You have chosen, or been chosen, to join us here, in this wonderful facility. As new valuable members of our workplace, you shall help build a new and brighter future for our kind! For you, and only you, whose blood, sweat, and tears have brought us this far, are capable of achieving out great task!"

The camera fixes itself slow, a careful zoom in upon the man's face.

"I am sure there are those among you have questions. 'Where am I?' 'When do I start?' 'When do I get paid?' Fear not, for these questions shall be answered shortly! But for now, w-eel-lcome to thththtththt--"

The video is disrupted, a great static soon filling the air. The area rumbles with distant noises soon joining the static and roaring klaxon that is signifying the current disaster. Save for that single tv, the area is in chaotic, traumatic disarray.

A moment later, the screen turns on properly again. "Welcome, my friends, welcome!"


Welcome to the Moonbase Mystery! Here are the rules!

1. We do not talk about fight club.
2. No being an outright ass.
3. Each character will have some sort of special info.
4. You are allowed one character, so choose wisely.
5. Canon, OC, Self Insert, play who ya want.


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The Moonbase Mystery Empty Re: The Moonbase Mystery

Post by General Tommy on Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:00 am

Name: Empress Rebecca of the Astridian Empire
Source: Chronicles of Hope
Image: Rebecca's physical appearance, minus outfit and weapons, Rebecca's outfit, with pantyhose on both legs and a bracer on both wrists, and lastly, Rebecca's weapon, Astrid's Wrath.
Backstory: Born middle-class in the city of Larstern on the world of Terra Ancora, Rebecca was, for the most part, a normal person who never really stood out much.  She made best friends with Sarah, and constantly stood up for her when she was being teased, but neither one of them were all that important on their own.  That is, of course, until they met Astrid Cailmel, Goddess of Light.  Once Lady Astrid revealed her divinity to the world (in order to force back a monster invasion), Rebecca found her calling: To serve by Lady Astrid's side as the first of Her clergy.  Quickly finding herself named the Hierarch of the newly-formed Church of Astrid, Rebecca, at the young age of 16, was made into a religious leader.

Once Astrid left to recuperate from burnout she inflicted on herself from attempting to help everyone ever, Rebecca was left to run the Church.  One day, a dark thought entered Rebecca's mind: She should make those who refused to worship Lady Astrid bow to the Goddess of Light.  And so, at the age of 18, Rebecca became President of the United Lands of Aditari, forged alliances with the Confederation of Monsters, Vinya, and Walaranga, and turned herself into the first Empress of the Astridian Empire, beginning a Crusade with the sole intent to subjugate or destroy anyone who did not worship the Goddess of Light.
Abilities: Very fast learner, with her being particularly knowledgeable about military tactics and strategy and politics.  Skilled with her Gunblade in battle, capable of swapping between melee and ranged combat on the fly as a result.  Access to Lady Astrid's Holy Magic, in particular her Divine Kamehameha spell.  Possesses the refined behaviors and grace befitting an Empress.  Surprisingly good at noticing another's potential.  Knows a single Arcane Spell: Tactician's Insight, which allows Rebecca to observe the battlefield overhead and see the statline of every single soldier on the field, broken up into HP, MP, Morale, Strength, Magic, Speed, Agility, Defense, Resistance, and Charisma, as well as details on their weapons, broken down into Might, Penetration, Range, Reliability, Condition, Ammo (if applicable), Weight, and Enchantments, and armor, broken down into Coverage, Weight, Defense/Resistance Modifiers, Vision (Helmet-exclusive), Breathability (Helmet-exclusive), and Enchantments, as well as details concerning troop movements and where potential ambushes lie.

Lastly, Rebecca has a bond with the Guardian Spirit Perifronisi, which gives her several fringe benefits, but the most important one of all is that death is merely a setback for her. So long as Peri is bonded with her, upon her demise, Rebecca will be resurrected at the last shrine she prayed at, no worse for the wear. In battle, once the fight has lasted long enough, Rebecca can perform a Limit Break by bonding Peri to her weapon, rendering her immune to harm temporarily (though damage taken will reduce this form's time) and granting her weapon anti-evil properties (a bit ironic, perhaps, since many perceive Rebecca as an Evil Empress).
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The Moonbase Mystery Empty Re: The Moonbase Mystery

Post by DimitriBarronmore on Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:23 am

Name: Johnny
Source: Have you seen the ghost of John?
Image: Boo.

Backstory: One day, many many years ago, a poor fool named Johnny became rather inebriated and made a solemn vow that were he ever to leave his gas oven running, he'd haunt the Earth until he was able to shut it off again rather than having to face the bill. Unfortunately for him that very Halloween, as he was preparing a beef roast to bring to the neighborhood potluck, Fate made good on his promise. Johnny, having been up late the night before trying to buy a roast from the store fifty miles away (the local grocery was out, but he promised Alexander he'd bring one), slipped into a deep sleep and on waking found himself a spirit wreathed in flames. Unknown to him the valves in his oven had begun to break down and, over the process of many hours unsupervised baking, the contraption caught entirely alight and began a house fire so severe that the entire dwelling was swiftly destroyed, taking Johnny's mortal coil with it.

The roast, however, turned out perfectly.

But all hope was not lost, for in the act of burning down under the harvest moon of All Hallow's Eve the very wood of Johnny's home became a spectre of modern life. Every year when the veil between this life and the next is thinnest the ghostly building manifests to reenact the now famous fire, as Johnny himself waits for a virgin to strike his ancient oven's pilot light so that he can turn off the gas and thereby fulfill his mortal obligations and reclaim his long overdue dinner.

Abilities: As a ghost, Johnny is incorporeal. This means he is able to pass through objects, and objects are able to pass through him, while he can still choose to interact with the physical world. He's also able to fly through walls, granted he's not trying to take an object with him, or go entirely invisible. Most importantly Johnny is impossible to kill, as he's already dead.

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The Moonbase Mystery Empty Re: The Moonbase Mystery

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