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Post by Shuda51 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:35 pm

A simple and fun game. Everyone loves a good ship between characters, so this is a thread to come up with bad ones. Rules are simple:

1. A pairing is presented by the poster above you.
2. You must come up with a reason as to why this pairing is the best ship ever and should be canon immediately.
2.1. Try not to be super spoilery on these.
3. Describe a normal day to day activity this ship does.
3.1. This should be obvious, but Giggles is here: nothing too terribly explicitly. We don't need to know what goes on below decks on your ship.
4. Post a new pairing for the next person.

Game continues until I feel like it or the forum ends, I might have a prize.

With that out of the way, your first pairing is:

Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls / Tracer from Overwatch

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My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game Empty Re: My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game

Post by Giggles on Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:29 am

Bill and Tracer, BILL and TRACER! BRACER! That's what I call them, anyways. Man, has there ever been a more perfect couple? They're both so goofy on the surface to hide the dark thoughts they experience on a day to day basis, and they both know what years of unimaginable isolation feel like. Honestly, they're the only two people who can understand each other.

A day in the life of BRACER? Fun and a little warped. Bill shows up in the middle of a battle and gives color commentary on the fight until it's over, then Tracer tells him how his jokes were this time around. They go to a bar, have a few, and cheat at trivia using time shenanigans. Well, bill wants to, but they never end up actually doing it. The one thing they do use temporal powers for is tennis. You ever seen two space / time hopping beings play tennis? Marvelous.

(... did I do that right? I'm new to this. Anyway, if I did, next pairing: Godot / Mia Fey. Bet you were expecting something weird because of Shuda's incredibly biased rules Sad )

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My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game Empty Re: My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game

Post by Jessica Ilha on Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:51 am

Now, now. I'm not one to engage at forum games just because I'm incredibly lazy and reply only in my head... But Giggles basically just asked for it.


Okay, let's begin while trying not to make a wall of text here.

Mia Fey and Diego "Godot" Armando, a.k.a. Miego, is the best pairing ever because they went through hell and back and still love each other. I mean, who else- Oh, how much about AA is considered spoiler here, seeing that the games are more than a decade old? >>
Anyway, I'll be going on a bit of details here, please feel free to jump over it all, thank you.
Mia and Diego had this romantic atmosphere going on since Mia's first trial (at least to me, shhh). And then cue evil cousin just ruining the whole mood.
Mia waited for three long years, but then... I hate you, Mr. White. I really do.
Three years later Diego wakes up and what does he want? His kitten back. Of course she wasn't around, then plot kicks in and y'all know what I'm talking about here. Anyway.
And that last reunion. Man, I don't think I'm getting my point through, the feels won't let me-

A-ny-way. Normal day-to-day activities?
I have this headcanon that, when Mia began working under Grossberg, Diego would kind of bully her since she was the newbie lawyer and all. He'd ask her to make his coffee, and she'd try to ruin it, making it completely black - no milk, no sugar. Turns out that's just the way he likes it ;D (Don't kill me pls)
Then there is that not-so-cute fanart I made of them going out to drink a cup of coffee after a trial. And those official images of them strolling under the rain, going out on Tanabata (Star Festival)...
THEN THERE'S THAT FRIGGIN' BULLET HE- Oh, that was us, right, right. Sorry. >>

... I should stop, shouldn't I? >>
I blame Giggles for bringing my OTP up. And I blame Shuda for creating this game.

Okay, so for the next person, I pick... Hm... Let's see...
How about: Mario / Zelda ?
(Don't ask. Just don't.)
Jessica Ilha
Jessica Ilha

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My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game Empty Re: My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game

Post by Aliucon on Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:15 am

Why not ask? That is clearly the best pairing of all time, AND I WILL GUSH ABOUT IT.

Mario X Zelda, or as no one calls it, the Reverse Nintendo Jam, is simply amazing. For starters, both sides are very familiar with the role of themselves and the other in the relationship: one rescues, the other gets rescued and does some vaguely important stuff off or on screen. As a bonus, Zelda gets kidnapped less than Peach, so Mario would have less trouble: and though Link has his experience from past selves to back up any of his endeavors, Mario has the biggest amount of experience gathered within one life and is therefore the most apt hero for any rescuing that mayhaps has to be done during their dating and married life.

They further benefit from the fact that, once together, a bond between the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule would be strengthened, thus opening the way to a stronger alliance of monarchs and less likelihood of random kidnappings. Hopefully.

On a personal level, Mario is just the best match for Zelda. Just look at the alternative, Link. He is a man of few words, just like Mario, but he is also constantly affected by his past Hero selves: not even the Triforce of Wisdom is enough to make you a top-notch psychologist for your future husband and, even if it was, would it be worth the effort? In comparison, Mario is a happy, upbeat fellow that, despite lack of character complexity, will go far and beyond to save a beloved one. He can do it with even fewer tools than Link as well: whereas Link needs plenty of weaponry, hookshots, bottled fairies and bees, and so on, Mario has a handful of power-ups: and it's not like he even NEEDS them in the first place to get through his challenges, whereas Link can get stumped without bombs and other items at certain points. Conversely, Zelda is also the perfect match for Mario because she is a competent ruler and an audacious woman, and will not simply keep Mario moving by the promise of some nebulous cake in the near future.

They are truly made for each other. Can you imagine the beginning of their day, with Zelda having to work hard on the affairs of the Kingdom, and Mario passing by to give her a cheer with his usual, bright demeanor before leaving for a harmless adventure or sightseeing? And how Mario keeps the support up by checking on her through the day, and even if he doesn't say much to help on the kingdom's policies, he will nod and cheer and occasionally speak for the commonfolk like the other plumbers. Zelda will both appreciate the cheer and insight, as well as be sure that whatever happens to her, this small Italian will stop at nothing to rescue her and bring her safe and sound to the people that need her. And so they spend their day happily, with a kiss under the moonlight by the end.

Until someone kidnaps Zelda, but hey, you know the drill from there.

Anyway, here's mine. Trucy Wright X Apollo Justice
Full disclosure, I put it here as an actual avid supporter of the pairing despite its implications, so if you're wondering why this is so trash, I apologize deeply-

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Post by Reverie on Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:52 am

I mean, think about it. They have all the same interests, because that's how genetics work. Ask yourself this: how else could they possibly have met in a courtroom? It's not rocket science, people.

Now, we all know that neither one of them is aware of their shared heritage, but imagine what would happen if they were! The quantity of quality wincest fics on the interwebs would skyrocket. And really, don't you need more of that kind of poison in your life? I mean, sure, alcohol might not be good for you, but people still drink it, don't they?

Besides, every other ship in the fandom has been worked to death already - so for the sake of literature itself, don't knock this one before you try it. Who says you can't squeeze blood from a stone? And speaking of blood, how else are our protagonists gonna keep the bloodline pure and take back the Iron Throne - wait, no, that's something else.

Every morning, Apollo and Trucy would wake up and, uh... get ready for the day in their separate bathrooms. They have begun living under the same roof and both save on rent.

After cycling to court together, biting down on their toast in a synchronised fashion, the two of them use their opposing colour schemes to distract the prosecution. You may be asking yourself, what does Trucy bring to the bench here? She's never been to law school! And right you are, my friend. However, you have failed to take into account that our precious magician girl is an ace when it comes to supplying greenhorn lawyers with forged evidence. Because, as has been proved time and time again, you just can't always win a trial through plucky determination and skill alone.

Later on, Apollo helps Trucy with her performances. Again, Apollo knows jack shit about magic, so he just offers moral support and sits in the corner sniffing glue. So what if it's dangerous? Their children are gonna be brain dead anyway.

They both retire for the evening by returning to the office and arguing over who's going to tell Mister Wright that they're a couple. Large ceramic objects are thrown about and the neighbours file a complaint. When Phoenix discovers that he's being evicted, the two siblings finally come clean with their mentor-slash-adoptive-father.

He retires and moves to Guam.

Your next ship is Yu Narukami x Teddie.

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My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game Empty Re: My Ships Are Trash: The Forum Game

Post by Nenilein on Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:44 pm

"Sensei..." Teddie whispered gently into the night. So he was gone now. Disappeared into the night, with the last train out of Inaba, once again. Oh, how the little bear wished it didn't have to be like this. That his beloved mentor and friend would have to leave so quickly whenever they just met. That he could feel his embrace just for a short while longer.

It was a loving embrace. A warm one. Teddie adored this embrace. It let him feel another's presence, a human of flesh and blood. The touch of someone who was real in this world. It told him that he was real. That he was right to be here.

Honestly, he loved them all. They were all so incredibly important to him, his own life didn't even begin to compare in value when it came to theirs. But Sensei was special. He was the first one who spoke to him. The first one who called to him. The first one to tell him that it was okay to be himself. That he was someone. He gave him an identity.

Hadn't it been for Yu Narukami, 'Teddie' would not exist. All there would be would be just an empty shell. A toy, with nothing but abandoned emotions inside for a prize, unwanted, unneeded, without purpose. 

But Yu gave Teddie a meaning. A heart. A personality. He could never even begin to express the love he felt in the face of that fact. Love and deep, deep gratefulness.

Now, Pearl x Marina, Splatoon. Your turn!

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