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Lost Media

Post by Regiwi on Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:36 pm

Hi everyone. So the members who have been with us since the beginning will remember we started on Court Records backup forum back in early 2011 before moving when the main Court Records forums returned and we formed our own forum. Since then sadly the backup forums have gone and there's no way to go back and reread all the old stuff we did. Recently I came across some files I had however where I'd saved the occasional post before I went ahead and posted them on the forum. There aren't a lot I've found but I thought if I had some saved others might also have things they wrote for CR and saved drafts of also so it'd be cool to have a place to post them for those of us who remember those times, and also for people who joined after who might be curious about some of the stuff we did in the past. So with that said, I will be copying some old posts I found here. I'm going to keep edits minimal even if it's stuff I'm kinda embarrassed to reread since I wouldn't have edited it if it was still on the old backup forums, but I will if possible change the images if they're photobucket links so that they show what was meant to appear. I will also try to add some context as some of these posts were in the middle of plotlines we had going.

So what was happening when these posts were written? So for these posts, this came towards the conclusion of the trial of Apollo Justice. Back in the original Anythings vs Lawbreakers RP the Lawbreakers had managed to set up Apollo to take the rap for their crimes. The trial took all sorts of twists and turns. Godot with Mia as his co-council was prosecuting Apollo who was representing himself with Phoenix as his co-council. The Defence changed a lot during the trial with Mia changing sides to defend Apollo, Phoenix taking over the duties and Apollo returning alongside Mia at various points. Von Karma had secretly managed to infiltrate the Jury with members of the Lawbreakers, in order to bring down the Jurist system Phoenix had helped put in place and bring down someone Phoenix cared about in one fell swoop. Phoenix (not a lawyer at this point still) began having doubts on his ability to defend Apollo I believe, but had flashbacks to moments of his past where he had helped others.

I'm afraid I cannot remember now if others helped out with some of these posts by writing the parts of other characters, I believe I had help with Iris and Maya so if you remember helping me please say so I can give you the credit you deserve. Anyway, with that said, I have three of the flashbacks that took place. I'm afraid I cannot currently find the fourth which was from when Phoenix was at school. I will only go with the first one in this post as it's already pretty long as it is. Hope you guys enjoy this and some of you can find older posts you might have!

(Also, for those who are in GRP but don't know, these posts are from the RP that the Phoenix I have there originated from.)

Notes. I'm 95% certain this first one Neni played "Dahlia" in, can't remember who wrote the little girl's lines. Either way, I thought it'd be neat to maybe have a flashback to when Phoenix and 'Dahlia' were dating. It's a bit of a nothing story but I had fun RPing it I remember, I think possibly we did so on Skype.
Turnabout Tree wrote:*Phoenix and "Dahlia" have just been to their favourite restaraunt.*

So Dollie, what are your plans for tomorrow?

Ah... I'm not sure yet... But... *smiles* I am fine with everything that is fine with you... Feenie."

Are you sure Dollie? You haven't got to go on another of your trips to the mountains then?

Oh! Those 'Trips'...


...Ah, it will be fine. I... I just want to spend as much time as possible with you...

...Unless you're worried about me of course! Then I'll go, but...

NO! Of course I don't want you to go Dollie! But, I don't want to make you feel you have to stay for me... You... I mean I don't want to make you feel you have to stay here to make me happy...



*looks at him*

I am happy where you are...

Dollie... *Blush*

*They approach a tree, but something is off about it...*

"Oh...?" *looks up*

Hey... is it me, or does it look like someone's up that tree Dollie?

"Huh! R-Really!" *puts her hands to her mouth*

"It's... It's a girl!!"

OH! Erm... what should we do Dollie?

*The girl starts slipping down the branch, with a sheer drop below her.*

*shakes in fear* "W-W...We need to call some help! Or she might..." *tries to get out her cellphone*

*Girl slips a little further*
Girl: AAHHHHH!!!!!

"HUH!" *drops her phone out of fear* "O-Oh no...!!"

That girl's going to fall! Dollie, I'll be back, I... promise...
(Am I nuts? Who cares, I've got to save her!)

*Pheonix starts climbing the tree.*

"Huh! F-Feenie! B-But you're...!!" (He's afraid of heights... Oh no! My Feenie...)

*Phoenix climbs up another branch.*

"Feenie!!" *runs up to him* "Feenie, are you fine?!"

I-I'll be alright Dollie...

*Looks up*

(I hope...)

*Climbs another couple of branches, one snaps beneath him, leaving him hanging.*

"FEENIE!!!" *runs up* "D-Don't move! I... I will get help!! I..."

*Phoenix hangs for a while, then sees the little girl crying at the top. He pulls himself up.*

I promised I'd be back Dollie... and I will be...
(SO... HIGH... UP!)

*gets her phone up and dials* "H-Hello?... Can somebody hear me...? We need help!"

*Phoenix climbs up to where the girl is.*

It's, alright... I've got you...
(How did I get up here?)

"Y-Yes... M-My boyfriend... He's ...He is..."

*sees Phoenix with the girl on top of the tree*


*Phoenix starts to make his way down with the little girl clinging onto him.*

*Iris rushes to the tree, ready to catch him if he slips*

*Phoenix slips one or twice, but somehow reaches the bottom with the girl ok.*

"Feenie!" *Iris runs and hugs him* "Oh, thank goodness... Are you alright?! Did you get hurt?!"

Well... my hands are a little sore... but I'm alright, I'm so sorry for scaring you Dollie... I just couldn't leave her up there...
(I can't believe how lucky I was, I mean, I'm so stupid, I could be dead now...)

"Feenie..." *looks down*

*looks up*


"This is so like you..."

Well, I... Oh Dollie... *Blushes*

Still, why were you up in the tree little girl?

Girl: My balloon was caught in it, and I decided to try and get it back, it flew away though, then I was stuck.

Well, I hope you know that you shouldn't do that in future...
(I don't know if I could manage that a second time afterall...)

"Maybe we should bring her home?" *wondering*

Yeah, where do you live little girl? I'm sure your mommy must be worried.

Girl:Just two streets from here, I went out for that balloon, now I've got nothing... Well... *Blush* except I found a hero...

*tilts her head and smiles when she hears the word 'Hero'*

(Hero...My Feenie really is a hero... Even if many wouldn't think it, from how he looks...)

Well... Heh... We'd better get you home...
*They set off down the road, taking the girl home.*

So yeah, more to come and hopefully others have more they can add to this thread. I did manage to find two sporks I did also so I'll be sure to post those later.


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Re: Lost Media

Post by Nenilein on Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:35 pm

Well, let's see what I can find!

First of all, my personal master piece:

The Legend of Maya

For those that don't remember; this happened during Anythings VS Lawbreakers when I had to temporarily take over playing as Maya, which resulted in me writing a weird dream-sequence interlude, in which Maya goes into Nick's mind, represented as video-games, and they face fearsome monsters, such as the dreaded (Step)ladder together... Yes, it was weird. I was weird. Anyway, I still have all the sprite-edits I did for that: 

If I pretend I'm an adult real hard, I might just start being productive one day.

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Re: Lost Media

Post by Regiwi on Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:17 pm

Notes. The same context for this one as the first memory in my original post. This is the second memory (technically the third but as I said I lost the child Phoenix post sadly.) This one is set during Phoenix's lawyer days, specifically right in the middle of case 3 of the original game. I'm afraid I cannot remember who played Maya for this. We had a few people play Maya at different times, such as in the case Neni posted above (which I want to add I'm really glad to see again. XD) Chips who played her a few times but I think more on Case Files doesn't remember playing her for this, so I don't know if SuperAj wrote Maya's parts for this or not.

Turnabout Cat. wrote:*Walking along the street.*

Well... I guess that's that for today's investigation.

So Nick, what do you think? Was Mr Powers really sleeping at the time he said he was?

The guy seems to be honest, and that Security Lady, doesn't seem very reliable. I believe him, we'll just have to see what comes up at the trial.

Yeah. Hm?

*They come across a group of kids laughing and all looking down at something.*

Hey Nick, looks like they're playing with marbles or something!

No Maya... we're not asking to join them.

WHAT? I wasn't going to ask that!

(That's not why you're searching you pockets then?)

*They hear a small cry from where the kids are.*

Nick? What was...

I don't know, hang on...

Boy 1: Poke it again! Look, it makes such a funny noise!

Boy 2: Yeah heh! I bet the stupid thing thinks someones going to come and get it.

Boy 3: Ha! Who'd want an ugly thing like this!? It's not even got any ears!

Nick... Where are you...?

Hey? What are you kids doing?

Boy 1: Leave it out Gramps!

Boy 2: Yeah! This is our cat! We found him!

Boy 3: Possession is nine tenths of the law!


Well, would you like me to call a certain Detective I know out here? See if he thinks you're entitled to keep this cat, especially the way you're "playing" with him?

Boy 1: Heh! You're bluffing!

Boy 2: Y-yeah!

Boy 3: Erm... guys, maybe we should go?

Boy 1: WHAT?

Boy 2: Yeah... I mean my dad's already mad over that window... I don't want more trouble!

Boy 1: W-what? Are you guys serious? But...
*Looks around with the other two having run.*
Boy : Eep!

Oooohhh! You poor thing! What did those nasty kids do you?

*Maya picks up the kitten.*

Nick, it looks lonely, and we can't leave it where those kids might get it again...

Well, we can't keep her...

But Nick, she's got noone else.

It's a she now?

Yeah! Look at her, she's so cute!

(I must admit, despite the missing ears, she is pretty cute... Seeing those kids, all ganging up on her... I can't just leave her here.)

Alright Maya we'll take her-


But we're not keeping her. We'll take her to Gumshoe to try and find a home for her.
(F-Feenie? She's named the cat that?)

Right! Nick?


Thanks... most other people I met, well they would've just walked past that.

Hm. Well, no matter how small or "unwanted" someone is. I'll never just walk by Maya.


*They walk off with the cat in Maya's arms*


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Re: Lost Media

Post by Jessica Ilha on Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:51 pm

Oh my God, the nostalgia...!

Neni, I always wanted to see these sprites again, I can't describe how happy I am ♥️

Unfortunately, I didn't save any posts I made at the time. I have a lot of memories, but I guess writing them isn't the point here ^^;

Instead, I'll share some of the things I have:

Pearl's Diary

Soon after we created our own forum, some of us started writing diaries for their characters. I can't remember who was the first one, but I liked the idea and decided to write one for Pearl.

While the images can probably be found at the tapatalk's forum, I'll post them here so you don't have to go the trouble of going back there to laugh at how stupid my idea was.
Pearl's Diary (pt. 1):

Context: This diary was written in order to give backstory to Pearl, as to why she hadn't grew up even after the timeskip between PW and AJ eras. At that time, we didn't have Pearl appearing in the AJ era, so I had to use her child sprites...
Eventually, after we moved, we developped the story (thank you so much for everything, AvK!), and, when it was over, I started using older Pearl sprites made by me. The fanmade sprites based on the official ones would only be used by me during the reboot, mainly because the game didn't exist when I made my sprites ^^;

The first pages got hand written. Then I got lazy.
Entry 1, Page 1
Entry 1, Page 2
Entry 2, Page 1
Entry 2, Page 2
Entry 3, page 1
Entry 3, Page 2
Entry 4
Entry 5
(PS: Yes, supposedly Pearl had a thing for Helie's Cody. Why? Can't remember *shrugs*)
Entry 6
Entry 7:
Kurain Village, July 7th, 2020

Dear Diary,
Please don’t tell anyone what I’m going to tell you today! I finally found out what happened with me, but I want to keep it a secret. I don’t want Mystic Maya to worry about me, not when she’s so busy…
Searching through the Ancient Books at Kurain Library, I discovered so many things! There’s a forbidden technique called “Mind-Locking Technique”[1], but don’t you go telling anyone I know it! That’s not what happened with me. My problem is called… Splitted Soul[2].
There are many kinds of Splitted Soul. There’s the kind when someone regrets about something they did in the past and reverts their physical appearance to that period of time. It’s called “Self-Reverting Type”. If the person starts forgetting about they did after the period of time they’re stuck in, it’s called “Stuck Self-Reverting Type”.
There’s the Double-Splitted Soul. Basically, it’s when two souls are divided at the same time by the same force and then change places.
Then there’s the “Self-Preventing Type”. That’s my case. It happens when someone regrets about something they did in the present, and they can’t go on living until they solved that problem. Their appearance remains unchanged until they are able to absolve themselves from their regrets. And it’s a lot different from the Self-Reverting Type. When someone suffers from the Self-Reverting Type, their older self remains inside their consciousness. When someone suffers from the Self-Preventing Type, such older self doesn’t exist. That way, only the person who suffers from it will be able to help themselves.
The good side is that anyone who suffers from any type of Splitted Soul can’t suffer two different types at the same time, meaning that I won’t need to worry about the other types for now. (That’s the good side…?) But if something happens with my soul now, I’m more unstable than ever…
Once I found out what is making me look like a child, I’ll solve it and then become a teenager! You just wait!
With love,
[1] Mind-Locking Technique: it was supposed to be a Chevok's gun to what Trucy went through. I can't remember the details, only that picture of her with a lot of Psyche-Locks chaining her body...
[2] Splitted Soul: first of all, NOW I know it's supposed to be "Split Soul", why didn't anyone correct me back then...? Anyway, this Split Soul thing happened to MANY characters in the First Act. Mainly, the "Self-Reverting type", after people took a ride in a car with plot speed... Mia also got Split Soul, though for other reasons (read: this RPer need to use her attorney sprites for the trial Regi mentioned >> ). The "Self-Preventing type" is what I made up to explain why Pearl never grew up.

Entry 8:
Kurain Village, July 30th, 2020

Dear Diary,
People are starting to notice that I haven’t grown even a single inch since last year. What should I tell them? I can’t say the truth, but lying is pretty bad…
Ah, I know! Yesterday I saw on TV that people don’t grow if they don’t eat all of their vegetables. But since I eat all of mine… Will they notice that there’s something wrong if I say that I didn’t grow because I didn’t eat all my meat? Mother didn’t like me to eat it, so it could work…
Alright, Dear Diary, if someone asks you why I don’t grow up anymore, it’s because I didn’t eat enough meat, do you understand that?
With love,

Entry 9:
Kurain Village, August 25th, 2021

Dear Diary,
I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m getting so confused!
It’s been a long time since I last saw Mr. Nick and Trucy. Our meetings are getting sparser and sparser… Mystic Maya is getting busier and busier, so we barely have time to hang around like we used to… I’m training day and night, because I’m not a child anymore – even though I look like one. Come on, I’m already a preteen! I’m 12!
Back to my confusion… I just learnt that Mother… Passed away this month. I went to visit her and the guard didn’t let me enter. “This is no place for children like you,” he said. When I explained that I was Morgan Fey’s daughter, he simply told me “That old woman with a big, ugly afro? She already died girl, you got here late”…
And this is where I am. My only family now is officially Mystic Maya, who is too busy to hang around with me. The only friends that I could still meet are getting hard to see. My free time has been narrowed a lot. Does this means I’m going to turn into a workaholic? (I saw this fancy word at TV yesterday. I think I’m watching too much TV, Mother said it was bad for my eyes…)
What should I do? How can I have fun with the people I care for once more? Is there any way to do that…?
With love,

Entry 10:
Kurain Village, Some Random Day, 2025

Dear Diary,
I spent most of the time today crying. I cried for not being able to see my friends or people that I like. I cried for not being able to spend any time with my only family member. I cried because that almost means losing my best friend as well. I cried because I still look like a child. I cried because I don’t know how to cure myself. I cried because I can’t distract myself with more training without getting exhausted and fainting. I cried because I just couldn’t stop anymore. I cried because I was being too childish. I cried because that’s right, I’m just a childish girl who pretends to be a grown up…
With love,

Entry 11:
Kurain Village, One Day after the Last Entry’s Date, 2025

Dear Diary,
I wonder when I’ll be able to visit Mother again. Maybe she can tell me where Dahlia is…? I can’t remember where she is now, but I know she’s not with Iris at Hazakura Temple. Why I know that? I don’t know… Wait, I don’t know where Mother is. It just came to my mind that she’s probably not at the Detention Center anymore… My mind is really scaring me today.
With love,
The 11th entry is a reference to the fact that people who were supposed to be dead came back to live and everyone else forgot they were supposed to be dead in the first place.

Entry 12:
Kurain Village, June 18th, 2026

Dear Diary,
I just came back from Mr. Nick’s office – or Wright Anything Agency, whatever Trucy calls it now. They just hired a new lawyer, because you know, Mr. Nick was banished from the lawyer’s world a long time ago. Even though, it’s like he’s Mr. Nick’s apprentice, it’s so cool! Just like Mr. Nick was Mystic Mia’s! His name was Apollo Justice. But I’m calling him “Mr. Polly”, because it looks like he’s a potential “special someone” for Trucy… And if I call Mystic Maya’s special someone “Mr. Nick”, why can’t I call Trucy’s potential special someone “Mr. Polly”? He didn’t seem to bother, so I’ll keep calling him this way!
But why does Mr. Polly treats me as a child…?
With love,

HOWEVER! That's not all!
Even though I stopped posting the diary pages on the 6th entry (ha! And you thought you had read everything back in the old forum?), I had this idea to keep the diary going and telling the events of the RP through Pearl's diary. Unfortunately, I wrote only two entries...

Anyway, they show a little bit of what little Pearl experienced during the early pages of the Anything Society!

Entry 13:
Ace Attorney Anything Society, 2027

Dear Diary,
I just joined a society, isn’t it great? Trucy’s the one in charge. Here I met Ms. von Karma, Mr. Detective Gumshoe, Mr. Gavin, and a lot of other people! Trucy asked me once more why I was so short… How come she can never remember the reason? And can you believe that Mr. Polly is seven years older than her? Not that it means that he can’t be her special someone… I also helped Trucy to make a “Mommy List” for her. Of course, Mystic Maya’s on the top!
Please remind me, Dear Diary, to never again ask Mr. Nick to play the payano. It was terrible… And it wasn’t funny when you stated that I couldn’t fly when I said I could do almost anything, Mr. Nick! Not even a little bit!
Note for tomorrow: Try to understand what they’re saying with Interpol, Germany, International flights and attacking other societies. It looks really important, so I need to understand. Oh, of course, and get myself a German dictionary.
With love,

Entry 14:
Ace Attorney Anything Society, 2027

Dear Diary,
I’ve never seen so many men together! What should I do? Mother said that men can be untruthful most of the time… Oh, yes. Mother. Apparently, she’s with the bad guys… And Dahlia too. They’re both part of the society that kidnapped Trucy last week…
There’s a wonderful payano boy (who I thought that was a girl… I’m sorry…) here! He plays the payano so much better than Mr. Nick. Give him some classes, please!
We’ve just discovered that Mr. Polly is, in fact, Trucy’s brother. That means they can’t be a couple anymore… And I was so happy with that idea…
But you know the best part of this day? I was able to meet Iris once again… She’s with us! Maybe the two of us, plus Mystic Maya, will be able to bring Dahlia and Mother to our side and become a happy family again? I can’t wait for it!
Also, Iris told me that one day I’m going to find my own shining knight. I wonder how he’ll look like…
Mr. Edgeworth and Ms. von Karma went on a dangerous mission… But they were alright in the end, because we trusted them!  Also, I helped Mr. Edgeworth with the last of a lot of puzzles he had to solve! I felt so smart!
I just got some tickets to a magic show, I’m so happy!
Hey, what was that sound? An old man entered our society and… Let me go!


I’m free of Mr. Uncle[1], Thanks to Mr. Polly! Mr. Godot let me decide if Mr. Uncle should call his pet bird or not… I said he could. We should forgive people, even if they’re mean!
Wait, everyone is going to the bad guy’s place… I’m too scared… What should I do?
I’m sorry, Mystic Mia, but can you stay on my place for a while?
With love,

"Phoenix was captured. Don’t cry, Pearl, I’m sure everything is going to be alright.
[1] For those who don't know, "Mr. Uncle" is Yanni Yogi. He suddenly invaded the Anything Society and hugged Pearl for a reason I can't remember. He eventually released her as Pearl channeled Mia to help her (hence the skip in time during the diary's entry), but Mia got away as soon as Godot hugged her instead - in shock, she couldn't stay longer in this world...

Jess' Bad Drawings

So I used to think "man, I should draw this, it'd be awesome...!" But the results never were. Anyway, here's what I got:

April May's Ending:

When our heroes (and villains) were heading to the final battle, I suddenly had to take an one week break from the RP due to a trip. Thus, April wasn't able to board Karma's Flying Castle and missed the final battle (that happened in the Acre portion of the Amazon Jungle, Brazil!). So, she went on a shopping spree, after a lot of random money falling on her from the sky (wasn't me who did that; I thank General and Shuda). When she came back to the Castle... WHERE IS THE FREAKING CASTLE?
Pearl's Ending:

As I stated above, I had to take an one week break. So Pearl wasn't going to be able to go to the battle either. However, Mia and Phoenix asked her that she stayed at home doing research, justifying that the battle would be too dangerous. At that time, Mia was alive in Maya's body, while Maya was locked in the spirit world... Little Pearl worked so hard that she fell asleep over all the books I had the time to draw.
Mia's Ending:

I had no idea what Neni was planning to do when Plot Co. got pwned. So I had Mia use all of her spiritual power in order to exhaust her soul, thus "forcing" her soul to leave Maya's body. That way, she traveled all the way to the prison where Godot were, in order to tell him a last goodbye. (That made Godot quite bitter when Mia appeared alive and well in front of him a month later >> ) Please don't look at Mia's spaghetti arms. Thank you.
A Miego Flashback:

I don't remember if I did this drawing for a flashback in the First or the Second Arc, but this is one of my favorite drawings of all time.
See the date? It's set on the day Diego got poisoned (back then, we thought it was supposed to be 2012, not 2013, due to less games to help setting the facts). And the box on Diego's pocket? He was going to propose to her on that day, thank you so much, Dahlia!

Aaand this is all I've got, unfortunately. I still have some edited sprites, though most of them were used in tapatalk's forum, so maybe there's no need to bother you guys further. There's also a "letter" from Mia that she supposedly wrote between that drying up there and the ending from Arc 1, which I never finished, due to this little message I left in the end:
"Never to be finished. You know, Neni ended with all my drama by resurrecting Mia… Dang it."

Oh, and that was also the short reminiscence (like, two pages) that details the flashback above, but that's also in tapatalk's forum, so...
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Re: Lost Media

Post by Regiwi on Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:02 am

Notes. Glad to see others posting some great stuff from the past here. I'm going to see if I can fit two more here, which are the last of direct posts I have saved. The first is the final memory based on an event after Phoenix was disbarred and before he had Apollo defend him.

Turnabout Poker. wrote:*A man runs down the street, some others follow after him, chasing him. The man stands by a door, which opens and someone grabs him and pulls him in.*

In a bit of a bind aren't you?

Running man: Huh? Who the heck are you?

Me? I'm just a piano player, it doesn't matter though. What really matters here, is who are you?

Running man: Me? It's kinda dangerous to tell people who I am...

I see... Grape Juice?

Running man: Huh? Oh, yeah sure, thanks.

*The man looks out the window, and sees the other men run by.*

So... what do they want?
*Phoenix pours out some Grape Juice into a glass.*

Running man: I'd rather not say. I've been involved in things, got in too deep. I don't know where to turn now.

Huh. Want a game of poker?

Running man: Erm... yeah... sure, why not...

That night, we played Poker. I've learnt that you can tell alot about people through the way they play.

This guy, he was a blaggard, always sure of himself, never backing down. It's no doubt he'd got himself into this situation.

Doubtlessly, those men were chasing him because he'd tried to push his way in. He thinks he's a charming guy.

Why did I help the guy then? I wish I knew. I don't know even if he went out and carried on his life, or was caught by them later.

All I know, is that whenever I see one person against many, I just can't leave them on their own. I guess I'm rather simple at the end of the day.

Notes. This final post was after Phoenix had flashed back to these memories, and representations of each part of his life from these flashbacks all had a conversation in his subconscious. I think actually, he might have been knocked out at the time or something... maybe by a boot to the head. Anyway, he had a part where he remembered all the people he'd helped over his career and beyond which gave him the motivation to carry on I believe. I really wish I could remember the exact details still. Really there's not a lot to this one at all, it was just a sort of mixture of all the characters he'd met and helped up to that point. (Including Dahlia who he actually defended earlier in the RP which was a long story...)

Memories wrote:

Nick! I loved her...
I know I'm a screwup, but I couldn't kill her.
I just couldn't...

I've been abandoned, then.

I... I really don't know
what to say! I was sleeping,
I promise!

Stay out of this case.

Please, you have to help!
I-it's my sister!

I did it.
Well, Mr. Wright?

I'll never forget what you're
doing for me, EVER!

Please! Help me!
I didn't kill nobody!

It... It wasn't me...
It wasn't me, I tell you!

Could you please take my case?
My trial starts tomorrow...



Mr Wright!

Mr Nick...



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Re: Lost Media

Post by Aliucon on Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:23 am

Never forget.

Pass it on.

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Re: Lost Media

Post by Regiwi on Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:04 pm

Well, getting towards the end of things I have that I wrote myself, so I might as well post two from an old popular thread on the Backup forums which was sadly lost, the sporking thread. In this thread, people would write as characters giving a commentary on fanfiction written about them which they've been forced to sit through. The fics tended to be rated with things such as a number of Sahwits out of 5. I tended to go for things that were fairly obvious trollfics as I found them more fun to read. Anyway, Since these will only be text I'll be using a spoiler tag for them both so that I can fit both into this post fairly easily. There will be some html specific to the old CR forums that doesn't work here, but I'm going to leave it as it is. Who knows, maybe we'll have replicas of those sprites and things sometime on here and they'll work again. >><< Anyway, enjoy these two 'classics'.

Also these were some of the earliest things I tried to write, so I'm kinda not rereading them as I post them because I feel safer this way. >><< Enjoy!

Phoenix Wright and the Ultimat Case of Doom! CLICK HERE:
Well thought I’d give this whole sporking thing a shot as it looks fun. This fic is almost definitely a troll fic, I mean it HAS TO BE.

So I’d give this story 5 Sahwits if it’s serious. Also the thing is listed as Mystery/Drama so I’m just going to treat it as serious.

I would review the story here, but I think it’s better seen than described…

Let’s meet our Sporkers.

Phoenix- Can’t I ever get a break?

Edgeworth- Well at least you weren’t in with Fransiska and myself that one time.

Judge- “Spoaking”? What is “Spoaking”?

[Phoenix and Edgeworth both try to escape, but are quickly pushed back inside by the troopers. There they meet a familiar character…]

Edgeworth: Your honour? Have they such influence now they can even force you in here?

Judge: Hm? Oh hello Mr Edgeworth and Mr Wright, I did not see you there. I was told that there was a special celebration taking place here today of our legal system and that there would also be a free caviar lunch available. Although I must ask you now that you’re here, why are there no other people here?

Phoenix: (Edgeworth, I don’t think he really knows the horrors he’s in for, and I don’t want to be the one to break the news to him.)

Edgeworth: Well you see your honour. This is called a Sporking theatre. We come here to watch fanfiction that people have created based upon our lives.

Judge: Spoaking? So you’re telling me there’s a movie based upon myself which I did not know about?

Phoenix: Well I wouldn’t call it a movie, more a piece of literature.

Edgeworth: I wouldn’t even call it that myself…

[The lights dim and as the audience take to their seats. The fic begins.]

Phoenix Wright and the Ultimat Case of Doom!

Edgeworth: Normally this would be the point where I make a comment, but to be perfectly honest I’m used to this now.

Phoenix: Yeah…

Judge: Now where did I… ah here are my glasses. Hmmm… ah! This is one of those trendy new styles of spelling that are all the rage with the kids nowadays isn’t it, just like where they spell things with a Z instead of an S in order to be “hip” right?

Edgeworth: Your honour, I’m afraid I can’t really do justice to what we’re about to experience in words…

OBJECTION!" shouted Phoenix Writ as he shouted across the courotom.

Phoenix: Well at least I’m actually doing something I remember I suppose and not “blowing up the sun with my fist” again.

Judge: What did you just say?

Edgeworth: Really can’t do it justice in words…
"OBJECTION BACK!" objected Edgeworthy back at him.
Edgeworth: Well up until he made me make a baseless Objection, I’d say he had this pretty on character.

Phoenix: Hey!
Judge: OH IT’S ME! Why am I saying “OI!” though? At least I think it’s “OI”…
Edgeworth: The Crown?

Phoenix: I know people often get confused about where we live, but I don’t ever remember there being any hints that we lived in a monarchy…
"IM NOT GILTY YOU DICK" said the gilty guy.
"Never sed you were" said Gumshoe (cause his frist name is Dick lol).
Phoenix: Why are all these people so fixated on Gumshoe being called Dick?

Edgeworth: I’m just surprised that you focused on that and not the whole “gilty guy.” Part.

Phoenix: Edgeworth, be honest, as soon as you saw “OBJECTION BACK!” you must of known this was coming right?

Edgeworth: I suppose so…

Judge: Did… did he just say what I thought he… no it must have been my imagination.
Judge: Mr Edgeworth! I will not stand for such language in my court!

Edgeworth: But your honour! This isn’t a court and I was not involved in any of this, I feel just as you do about the language that has been displayed here today.

Judge: Well I suppose I can let it slide this one time, but I will not tolerate any further language of this sort.
"MNo language in thisz place!" judged Judge.
Judge: Hmm… a sound Judgement if ever I heard one.
"OBJECTION!" said Phonix. "The Land Lord and Tennent Act* says this guy isn't gilty!"
*(My dad is a lawyer so i asked him for helkp)
Edgeworth: This person’s father is a lawyer… and actually read this drivel? And then told his son to include a law that is not even related to the case at hand? I-I feel my truth bar depleting almost as though I were poisoned.
"I see" said Judge.
"OBJECTION! Who else is it?" intreejected Edgeworthy.
"OBJECTION! My solissitor has breefed me saying that the murder weapon was a hammer WITH NO FINGERPINTS ON IT!"
Phoenix: Edgeworth, how do you intreeject exactly?

Edgeworth: There is only one thing I believe I can gather so far from this evidence Wright, and that is that the author somehow thinks we are in England.

"OBJECTION! Stop being silly" tittred Edgeworthy.

Edgeworth: Ti-tittered!? Stop being silly? Has this person even once seen my mannerisms and speaking style? In fact, have I ever laughed Wright?

Phoenix: Well I guess I haven’t ever really seen you laugh before.
"If there are no fingerprinats…. WE DON'T KNOW THE KILLAR!" he sed banging on the desk
"OBJECTION! Yes we do… look at the crout record" shaking his hed a lot.
"OBJECTION! Al I can find is a tellascope from the room the mruder was in." wagging his ginger.
Phoenix: I knew you had a British accent Edgeworth, but wagging a ginger biscuit… all you need is the tea.

Judge: What I would give for a refreshing tea right now…
"OBJECTION! Look at all of us wit it!"
Edgeworrthy giggled an looked at the defender with teh tellascope. His fingers wer very printy!

Phoenix: I must admit, I haven’t really done much that’s been too bad yet.

Judge: This… this isn’t what I thought it was, is it? This isn’t a celebration of our Legal institution at all is it?

Edgeworth: I’m afraid not your honour, although I believe we are over halfway through now.
"Wow!" sad Judge. "This is a cstrange turning of events!"
Edgewrothy then lookd at the witness who also had big pints. He was about to put it away wen HE SAW OUT ROF THE CRONER OF HIS EYES…
"OBJECTION! THIS CANNOT BEEEEEEEEEE. Your Honour! Your finger have no prinyts!"
All: WHAT?

Judge did this: O_O

Phoenix: And I did this -_-

Edgeworth: Whilst I looked for an escape route.

Judge: Do… I really look like that?

Phoenix: (Actually, he does do a face like that sometimes…)
"How dare you yo evil guy!" shouted Judge.
Judge: Oh I know! This is that Gangster rap thing all the kids are into isn’t it? Do you think I’ll be seen as “cool” now Mr Edgeworth?

Edgeworth: Erm, I’m afraid I couldn’t possibly tell you about the trends among children these days.
Judge looked cross. He was ANGRY. Tehn he smiled.
"Heh. Heh heh. He he hehehe he. Hehahaha. HA! HAHAHA! ! YOU HAVE FOUND ME OUT AND ID DO IT AGAINJ!"
Phoenix: Do… what again? We don’t even know who’s died yet!
"OBJECTION!" shouted Edgeworthy. "The othr guy is gilty!"
"OBJECTION!" sed Phonix. "What is it?"
Phoenix: Why would I object just to ask a question you obviously intended me to ask?

Edgeworth: Well I must admit, I might be horribly mischaracterised but he seems to have replicated your courtroom tactics pretty well Wright.

"I am the ruler of anm evil empire and am a wicked man who scares people! They call me… SPADANG SKARAN!"
"NO!" said Phenix. "THE SCURGE OF TEH GALAZY!"
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" shouted Spadan and got out a gun and shot Edeworthy in the face.
"OB…JEee…ect…ion…" HE SAID and died.
" he was my best frend!" shouted Phoenix And hegot a knife out of thye court record and tried to stab Spadang with it.
"OBJECTION!" shouted Phoneix. "I WILL STOP YOU!"
But he didnt know how. He had to admit for a villan Soadang was REALLY cool.
"My law skills ar userless in space!"
[There is a long silence]

Phoenix: What… what just happened?

Edgeworth: I, I don’t know. I really don’t know anymore.

Judge: Well at least the lunch was nice. I must admit I can’t understand these youngster’s movies nowadays, still if it makes young people get an interest in the law then I suppose there’s no harm in it. *Gets up and leaves.*

Phoenix: Somehow, I think that it is for the best he did not think too much about this. Maybe we should follow his example.

Edgeworth: THAT’S EASY ENOUGH FOR YOU TO SAY! According to this, I sit behind my desk giggling like a schoolgirl whilst playing with evidence, and then I GET SHOT DEAD! AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY MEANINGFUL LAST WORDS!

Phoenix: Well to be fair, none of us were in character…

Edgeworth: You got to become a super hero who fights against an evil overlord in space, the Judge got to become a spaceman EMPEROR! I became a little girl who giggles a lot!

Phoenix: You know actually, it kind of reminds me of that Steel Samurai episode Maya made me sit through.

Edgeworth: DON’T YOU DARE EVEN THINK OF COMPA- I mean I suppose you’re right, it is just a ridiculous fanfic. We really don’t need to get upset over it, we are grown men after all.

Phoenix: Exactly! You see Edgeworth *They both stand to leave* this wasn’t so bad.

Edgeworth: No I guess your right. Say… Wright… do you remember what that episode was called of that show Maya made you watch, I mean not that I’m interested or anything…

The Greatest Mystery. CLICK HERE:
Finally found something I thought looked fun to spork, so here we go...

Today's Spork: Sporking to be alive!

Rating  :sahwit:  :sahwit:  :sahwit:

This is since it contains OOC for pretty much everyone in it, and it's full of run-of-the-mill whatthefuckery, as well as moments of WTF whatthefuckery...

I feel the spork

Lets meet our Sporkers.

Phoenix Wright- :nick: Being a main character is kinda overrated when it comes to having to do so many of these...

Maya Fey- :maya: Wonder what this one will be like, eh Nick?

Miles Edgeworth- :edgeworth: Ok, I want to know right now, what have I ever done to the management in this establishment? Why do you keep tormenting me? I've even heard rumours that you feel I've not been punished enough! You make my fangirls look sane... well ok, maybe that's going too far...

[The sporkers all enter the theater rather casually. There aren't any words between them until they take to thier seats, Maya's the only one who's smiling.]

Edgeworth: I see you've been brought in again today as well.

Maya: Hello Mr Edgeworth. So what have we got in store today?

Edgeworth: *looks at script* Well it appears once again my name isn't mentioned, so I've just been brought here for the manager's sick amusement...

Maya: What about me?

Edgeworth: Hmm... actually, you're not in here either.

Maya: Really? Well usually most of the characters who are in the story are here, and we're not in it, so does that mean-

Edgeworth: Wright is the only character? It looks like this is the case.

Phoenix: And there I thought not asking wouldn't jinx it...

Maya: Well look on the bright side Nick, at least you have a leading role right? It might even attract more clients...

Phoenix: Maya, would you hire me based on what you've seen here?

Maya: Well I guess there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Phoenix: So am I really the only character in this Edgeworth?

Edgeworth: Not by a long shot from the looks of it. Apparently this fanfic is a crossover with "Left 4 Dead"

Phoenix: What's that? A murder mystery series or something?

Maya: Nick you n00b! Don't you know what L4D is? Zombies Nick, ZOMBIES! Wait, are we going to see Zombie Nick defending monsters like Dracula or the Wolfman or something?

Edgeworth: Actually, I don't think I see a single objection in the text.

Phoenix: Gimme that. You must not of read it properly-

Maya: SSSHHH Nick it's starting!

The Greatest Mystery

Phoenix: Something tells me this title is going to be very fitting...

Death was no match for lawers such as Pheonix Wright. It had been maney years since his dissaperance after that fatefull accident and now he was going to get back into the feild of being a lawer. This time how ever he was investigating the death of the famouse NASCAR racer Racer X.

Phoenix: Accident? Does he mean Dusky Bridge?

Maya: Racer X huh... wait...

"Who could of done such things?" Pheonix ight asked while examening the freshly decaying body.

Maya: Ewww... I'm kinda glad I haven't had any popcorn...

Phoenix: Freshly decaying?

The body had several bloody bit marks all over Racer Xs neck.

Edgeworth: I thought you said Zombies Maya? Don't vampires bite people's necks?

Maya: I think I see where this might be going...

Phoenix: But he has "bit" marks on his neck Edgeworth, not bite marks.

y whould anybody want to kill Racer X? Speed Racer cried as giant wet tears streemed down his young grotesque face.

Maya: Wow. I kind of guessed but wow. I thought this was meant to be Left 4 Dead?

Phoenix: Grotesque face?

Edgeworth: I'm just shocked he spelt it right.

'Race X was hated amoung many races so it is no surprise that many race would want him dead."

Maya: I'm confused Nick, who are you actually defending in this?

Phoenix: Maya, I thought you'd know by now the fact that I'm a lawyer rarely seems to really matter in these fics.

Edgeworth: So wait, is he meant to be hated amoungst many racers or the many "races" of people in the world?

"Racer X was like a brother to me, but he wasn't my brother."

Edgeworth: That's normally why people say "was like a brother" since it implies they are not, so that makes the final part of that sentence irrelevant.

"I think this is the work of spies."

Phoenix: Who's saying that?

"Shut up Spritle!"

All: Who?

"Maybe Sprite has point?"

Maya: Yeah maybe Sprite has a point?

Phoenix: More of a point than Spritle has at least.

"This is no time for arguing you three." Phoenix Wright yelled as he tried to consentrate on the body that lay before him.

Maya: You better concentrate Nick, you don't want that body to run away because you weren't paying attention.

Phoenix: Who are the three people I'm talking to?

Edgeworth: Well I guess, Speed Racer, Spritle, and Sprite, which means that wasn't a spelling mistake. I don't really know anymore.

The bit marks looked very familure like those of Edward Cullin, but they where not Edward Cullins bit marks. "Maybe these bit marks aren't bite mark?"

Edgeworth: Well obviously they're not bite marks, since they're "bit" marks.

Phoenix: I wonder if he's any relation to Miley Edword?

Edgeworth: Wright, I'm warning you...

Maya: Well at least whatever those marks were, they weren't caused by who I feared they'd be.

This is a very hard mysterie to solve. Speed Racist cried as he pull out very large knife and began to slite his wriste. The crimson blood spewed every wheres as Speed Racers cried harder.


Maya: Wow, even by our standards he's strange...

Edgeworth: Speed Racist? Is he Speed Racer's brother?

"I must have quiet if I am to solve this mystory!" Peonix Right yelled at the top of lungz. Just than Racer Xs body twitched. This was very strange since dead bodyies usually don't move when they are dead.

Phoenix: I'm glad he cleared that up.

Maya: Yeah, everyone knows dead bodies only move when they're alive dead bodies.

Maybe Racer X was becoming a vampire and Edward Cullen really did kill Racer X.

Maya: Oh no, please don't...

"Racer X isn't alive but he isn't dead." Phoenix Wright say as he stepped away from the twitching lifeless body.

Edgeworth: What a fascinating deduction Wright. The sad fact is, it actually sounds like something you'd try to pass of in court.


"My brother is ALIVE?" Speed Racer said as he began to hug Racer X. Just then Racer X moaned and bit Speed Racer in the neck. Speed Racist shouted in pain as the collor in his face began to drain and dark read blood splattered evry wheres. It was now planly obvious that racer X was not human.

Maya: Aww brotherly love.

Edgeworth: But I thought he was "Like a brother" and not actually his brother?

Phoenix: Do you really care Edgeworth?

"Racer X isn't human!" Phoenix Write said in a calm voice as he started to walk away from the grizzly sight of Racer X ripping Speed racer body appart. "I don't know what is going on and that makes me woried.

Phoenix: So if I knew what was going on I wouldn't be worried? I can assure you I'd be worried regardless if a persone was being ripped apart in front of me, in fact I'd be a bit more than worried.

Maya: Wait, so is this guy a vampire, or a zombie or what?

"My brother is killing my brother!" Spritle shouted as Racer X finished off Speed Racer and started to attack Spritle.


"These poor racers must not realize that Racer X is a zombie which means that he isn't human. RACER X IS A ZOMBIE!" Phoenix rite realized and shouted to Spritle but it was too late because Spritel was now dead. The other racers who had seen the entire event unfold befor there eyes screamed as they tried to run away from the zombifed Racer X. The zombified racer z moaned and ran around in circles as he tried to atack the other racers.

Phoenix: Ok, where am I exactly? I mean I thought I was pretty close to all of them, yet this zombie ignores me and goes after some racers who were nowhere near me.

Maya: Poor Spritle, still at least Sprite's alright...

"I don't want to die!" screamed another racer as he died.

Edgeworth: I... really don't know what to say.

Nothing was making sense to Pheonix Write and he knew that if he didn't think of plan soon he was going two die, but then he thought of a plan and pulled out a gun he had been carrying this whole time and shot Racer X in the head.


Phoenix: Well he got the part about nothing making sense right...

"The only way to kill zombies like Racer X is to shoot them in the head. I was verylucky that I ws carrying this gun arround and that it had one bullet." Phoenix Wright laughed as he tosed the usless gun to the ground and watched as Racer Xs body hit the ground with a loud sickening splat. Everything seemed to be ok for the moment, but there was still a zombie infestation to deal with. This was just the start of much big problems and now Phoenix Wright had to discover how to stop this zombie infestation from spreeding evenmore.

Maya: Nick, I've been wondering, but where am I in all this?

Phoenix: I don't know, in fact, to be perfectly honest, change my name and this would be a completely standalone character. I haven't even said Objection or got a client yet.

Just then govornment planes from Canada landed on the NASCAR race track. Presadent Obama stepped out of one of the helicopters and smiled really big at Phoenix Rite.

Phoenix: Obama?

Maya: And he's smiling REALLY BIG at you Nick!

"Phoenix Write you are so amazingly cool and I thank you for discovering this mystery but now it is time for the government to take over this investigation.' Obama said as he ushed Pheonix Right into a hellicopter.

Phoenix: Well thankyou Mr President, I mean all I did was stand here whilst people got killed around me and shoot someone, but I am pretty cool now that you mention it.

Maya: Nick, this is a fanfic.

Edgeworth: Yes Wright, none of this is real.

Phoenix: You guys are mean...

The hellicopter began to take off and Phoenix Right felt safe because Francis, Zoey, and Louis where in the Helicopter with him. Bill wasn't in the helicopter because he was dead.

Phoenix: Ok. I don't know who these guy are but apparently I feel safe with them.

Maya: Nick, these are your co-stars, show some respect!

Phoenix: Whereas the author is showing so much respect for Bill...

Maya: Poor Bill *sniff*

"I hate Obama." francis said as everyone in the hellicpoter laughed, but unbeknownst to everyone the zombies had surounded the government perimitor and where now attacking everyone at the race track. Soon the hellicopter that Phoenix Write, Francis, Zoey, Bill, and Louis where in ran out of gas and began to crash.

Pheonix: Why use a helicopter that's that low on gas in the first place? I mean this did belong to the president right?

Maya: Well maybe they stopped off for gas, but realised the gas station guy was a zombie?

Phoenix: I still don't get how there could be so many zombies running around and yet I didn't know about them.

"Game over man!" Zoey screemed as the hellicopter started to crash.

Phoenix: Wow, I sure am feeling a lot safer with these guys around...

"Maybe we can land on the skyscrapper?" Louis shouted in a questioning tone as the helicoppter began to crash and he pointed to a building in a city that they where aproaching while crashing.

Edgeworth: But surely if you're already crashing, you wouldn't be able to make it all the way into the city and to the top of a skyscrapper.

"I can fly the hellicpoter!" Pheonix Rite said as he took controle of the helicpoter and steared it toward the building that Louis had pointed out. Luckily Pheonix Rote had taken several years of fight lessons and knew what he was doing so he was able to land the crashng helicopter ontop the building that Luis had pointed out. Everyone sighed with relief as they reaized that they where all alive and not dead like zombies.

Maya: Nick you can fly a helicopter?

Pheonix: First I heard about it.

Edgeworth: I thought the Zombies were "neither alive or dead" earlier? Now they're just dead?

I gotta hand it to you Phoenix your one cool guy. Bill said in a raspy dead tone, but he really didn't say that because he was dead and it was Zoey acting like Bill to make everything fell wright.

Phoenix: I think that would creep me out more than make me "fell wright".

"I hate Pheonix Rite." Francis said and everyone laughed because they knew Francis wasn't joking.

Maya: Hahaha, that old Francis sure is a character.

Phoenix: So I'm laughing at a guy I've never met before telling me he hates me?

"It looks like we are in Racoon city but I wonder where we really are?" Louis questioned as he looked out at the buring city.

Phoenix: Racoon City?

Maya: Oh come on Nick! Surely you've heard of that?

"It looks like were in for a long moring. Phoenix Wright said as he watched the sun that had set start to rise.

Edgeworth: I'm glad the author told us that the sun had set before it started to rise, I couldn't have worked that out otherwise.

Just than the door to the roof opened and President Obama came runing throuh with blood stains all over his good suite.

Maya: Wow, he survived?

Phoenix: Looks like it.

"It looks like this entire city is being over run by blood thirsty vampires!" Obama shouted at he shot a vampire throught the head with his finger.

Phoenix: HOLY!

Maya: You see Nick? Why can't you do that?

Phoenix: Well I can shout Objection, although not in this fic apparently.

"Actually Prident Obama they are zombies and not vampires because they are dead but I don't know how this is relivent to our current situation so could you please shut that door because there is a slight draft coming through that is making me cold." Pheonix Write explained in a know it all knind of look. Obama slamed the door shut but luckily Leon S. Kennedy (who isn't related to John F. Kennedy) had acompanied President Obama.

Maya: Why are we getting all these cameos? And I thought this wasn't Raccoon city...

Phoenix: I do not speak in a know it all kind of way!

Maya: Yeah Nick, you hardly ever know what's going on.


"Who are you?" Asked Bill who was still Zoey.

Edgeworth: What?

"I am Leon and I have had a lot of experiance with zombies and vampires." Leon explained but then he was shot in the hed by Francis.

Maya: I bet he was a zombie really!

"I hate Leon." Francis said and everyone laughed again because Francis is funny.

Maya: Oh you.

Edgeworth: Wright, do you have any clue what's going on right now?

Phoenix: I'm kind of glad I don't.

"Now what will you do?" Obama said as he cried becaue everyone he knew and love was dead.

Maya: Wait Nick, if everyone he knew and loved was dead, then what about-

Phoenix: I'm sure you and Pearly are fine and staying in Kurain. I'm not sure if I can say the same for Edgeworth though....

Edgeworth: Urk. Even when I'm not in these things I still die...

"We must find a way off this building and into a safe house, but only four of us can go." Pheonix Right said as he looked at everyone, just then Zoey pushed Obama off the skyscrapper they where on and he fell to his death. lets move out team." Pheonix Rght said as they opened the door and began to make their way to the safe room.

Phoenix: I'm not sure what how I feel about Zoey...

Maya: Cheer up Nick, it's over!

Edgeworth: I'm afraid not... this is only part one, of three...

Phoenix: What? This guy actually wrote two more chapters?

Edgeworth: Apparently. I don't know whether it gets anymore coherent.

Finally, I have a special treat I've come across. I believe Neni wrote this originally but she told me she's ok with me posting it here. Basically, Neni took the posts from the very beginning of the Lawbreakers thread which started the Anythings vs Lawbreakers RP and made it more of a flowing narrative. There isn't a lot but it does have it seems the very first conversation the Lawbreakers had, possibly with a few parts added to give it a better flow, but sadly we can't check it against the original, otherwise we wouldn't have this thread in the first place. Either way, here you go, hope you enjoy it!


Notes. There is a second part that seems to be some background Neni possibly added to the Lawbreaker's first real action in the RP (besides trying to backstab each other immediately) which was kidnapping Trucy Wright, which if anything caused them more trouble than what they planned to cause the Anythings. Back at this point, the whole RP was essentially meant to be the Ace Attorney version of LittleKuriboh's Marik's Evil Council where the AA villains would plot things like getting Phoenix a holiday so they could break into his office or something. Also Trucy was the first Anything to appear in the RP until she was rescued by the other Anythings such as Phoenix and Apollo, which led to us setting up a second thread, the Anythings Society which was the counter to the Lawbreakers. Things went on from there. Anyway, enjoy!

The beginning of the Lawbreakers. CLICK HERE:
“Very well. I hereby call our first meeting  to order.”
It was a deep, fearsome voice that echoed through the whole hall, along the long table, certainly reaching every last of the present people. The windows of the room were closed, the electric lights turned off. Alone a few candles on the table gave off enough light for them to see each other’s faces. There was on specific reason for that. Their leader had just decided that it was needed to perfect the atmosphere. And ‘Perfection’… was something this man valued. Above all else. Especially above the lives of others.

“ We have gathered here today for a very special reason,” he continued bellowing with his loud, intimidating voice, “To ensure the destruction of that hack Defense Attorney Phoenix Wright.”

“…not an Attorney anymore,” another voice from around the table mumbled.

“Yeah, lost his badge, like, seven years ago?”

“No, no, I think it were eight years already-“

“SILENCE, FOOLS!” the leader shut the chatterboxes up. He would not allow those people to ruin his carefully planned meeting with silly interjections like this. Not as long as he still walked this ground.

“…I have therefore brought us together, the most depraved and evil minds this world has ever seen so that we can come up with a plan, a PERFECT PLAN. However first of all, I need to do our evil rolecall. You will speak tell us your name before saying anything else, or otherwise you will be taking a very short elevator trip in the near future.”

A short silence befell the room after those words. Who was supposed to go first? Who was supposed to introduce him or herself now? Nobody seemed to quite dare to start. Only after a few seconds had passed and their leader was already clutching his sleeves in impatience, a slightly intimidated sounding voice was heard from across the room.

“W-Well… if I should go first…?”
A young woman got up from her chair, holding her hand close to her lips, as she was looking at the table, flustered,
“My name is… Dahlia. Dahlia Hawthorne…”

And then, all too sudden, her expression changed. A grin crossed her face for a moment. A malevolent, cold grin. It disappeared as quickly as it had come, however. But then, the young woman raised her head… to reveal a face full of hatred,
“And I want to see Phoenix Wright burn!” she finished her introduction in a voice that bore no resemblance whatsoever to the voice she had previously spoken with. A quite shocking difference, off course. A few of the present people backed off at the sound of her changed voice. The malevolent grin returned, when Dahlia saw this. She obviously enjoyed this reaction a lot.

“Well, then…”
Another voice rose in the hall. A man moved his chair back slightly and proceeded to stand up as well. Pushing up the pair of glasses in his face, not looking at anybody else, he gave his name,
"Kristoph Gavin... Ex-Defense Attorney. I am here to see Phoenix Wright humiliated."

“Excellent,” Manfred Von Karma smirked. He had heard of those people, both of them…”So far, all was going well, “I see already, both of you will make valuable members to our group…”

"Hey Dudes!”  Von Karma had barely finished talking, when another person stood up from his seat and waved to the others, “I'm Matt Engarde. And, I don't think Wright did a good job as my Attorney, at all..."

Von Karma frowned. Such impudence. He would have to keep an eye on this person.

It was now, that Hawthorne’s mood shifted again. Seeming in shock, she put her hand to her chest, and said,
"Oh, really? I am so sorry, Mr. Engarde! Feenie can be so careless sometimes... I knew all along that he should have done those complicated, complicated juristic studies… "
She then lowered her head… and her voice as well. Her eyes in shadow, she exclaimed loudly,
"…Just how could a dimwitted, bumbling idiot as him ever pass the bar exam, anyway? Were those testers blind? Heh. That guy couldn't read a book for his life, let alone a law-book."

Engarde proceeded to nod, "Careless and stupid, Dude! He actually got me in a position where I had to plead guilty. What kind of Defense Attorney does that? And I even pretended to be innocent...However…”
Matt Engarde paused then for a moment; before he led his hand to his face and went on to brush the bangs of hair that were covering half of it back, revealing a set of deep scars.
"No use pretending here, at least for me,“ he declared, swirling a glass of Brandy he somehow had on him around. “By the way, is that Mr.Richard Wellington, I see over there?"

“Of course,” the addressed man stood up from his head, shrugging and shaking his head for little reason, “I'm Richard Wellington, as you can see.”

“Oh just what we needed, another fruity fool…” Von Karma mumbled too himself at the sight of Wellington. He had actually harbored a kind of hope that this person would not decide to show up, “What are you going to do? Hit Phoenix Wright with a fire extinguisher? Wait, no, that is foolish, no one would do that.”

“Grr… I should have killed him instead…” Wellington admitted in anger, not without a hint of shame. He then rose his voice, “But that is why we are here! We are going to plan his total demise!”

“How about Dahlia poisons him?” Engarde promptly suggested.
Before Hawthorne could even accept or decline the idea, Von Karma’s loud finger snap brought the attention back to him,

“Fools. It is very easy to kill him, it's not like we're taking on a superhero or something here. As it is however, I'm sure we all want to completely humiliate him and make his life a living hell before we decide on how to permanently end things for him. As such we need to come up with a plan that's perfect enough for him to feel the anguish he's caused us.”

“"Splendid!” Engarde was laughing, the glass of brandy still in his hand. He hadn’t taken a single sip yet, “That reminds me, I heard he has a daughter, or some crap like that; I say we kidnap her. Or someone else he cares about. And we make him pay a huge fine, then return said loved one after ten days. Making him think we've killed them in those ten days he's waiting."

“Interesting plan I must say, although I don't believe he has too much money,” Von Karma explain, before pondering for a few moments. “…Still watching the little fool flying around trying to raise the cash might be fun.”

“Hm… What to do with Feenie?” Hawthorne pondered to herself, before raising her head again, “Well…
...But only if that is not asked too much, of course..."
She ended her speech with an angelic smile, which stood in a horrible contrast to the things she had just said.

“A brilliant plan!” A man with a monocle and a ridiculously long nose jumped out of his seat, “I say we shall do so!”

Von Karma was, once again, clutching his sleeves… Those interjections...
“And… you might be?”

The man took a dignified pose,
“I'm Luke Atmey! Ace Detective! …SHH!!! SILENCE!!!“
He took a long look through the present people before, with a smirk, declaring,
“Eheheheheheh! I see it now! ZVARI!! The truth once again has been elegantly revealed by me! A bunch of lawbreakers! And I would like to join in on this plan!”

Von Karma looked less than impressed,
“Whilst I welcome you, Detective, I do not tolerate speaking without stating your name first. Therefore this is a warning for everybody else who had doing so on mind. And before anybody here claims that I broke my own rules for doing so – I did not. I am the leader. And am perfect and I do not make mistakes.”
He then snapped his fingers once again. Loud and penetratingly.
“Therefore… You will now all stand up in order. And state your names.”

And so, one by one, they stood up and did what Von Karma demanded from them,
“Frank Sahwit.”
“April May.”
“Redd White.”
“Dee Vasquez.”
“Yanni Yogi.”
“Damon Gant.”
“Joe Darke.”
“Morgan Fey.”
-Hawthorne shifted uncomfortable in her seat at that point, lowering her head, “…Mother…”
Fey didn’t pay her a single look.
“Mimi Miney.”
“Shelly DeKiller.”
“Luke Atmey.”
“Kane Bullard.”
“Furio Tigre.”
“…Viola…Cadaverini… Hee Hee Hee…”
“Olga Orly.”
(Why is she dancing, as she says this?) Von Karma wondered to himself. Maybe checking this woman’s mental health would have been a good idea?
“Alita Tiala.”
“Daryan Crecent.”
“Jacques Portsman.”
“Cammy Meele.”
“Ernest Amano.”
“Lance Amano.”
“Mack Rell.”
“I will go by the name… Callisto Yew.”
“Manny Coachen.”
“Ka Shi Nou.”
“Quercus Alba.”

“Now then…” Manfred Von Karma was satisfied. The rolecall was complete. Now, they would be able to proceed in order.
“We will now proceed to decide on the most efficient way to get our revenge on the Attorneys who destroyed our lives. Among them Miles Edgeworth… A puny little fool by the name, Apollo Justice… And, most importantly, him. Phoenix Wright.”
He smirk passed across Von Karma’s face,
“Let us begin.”
Daddy says that there’re days when things just don’t go like you planned them. It’s days like this that you have to just roll with it. Improvise. Make it part of your show! …Well, the last thing’s not what Daddy says. That’s what I say.

“You. Little girl, do not make a commotion. I will kill you if I have to."

"So~rry, but I'll only be nice if Mommy tells me to be!"
“Stop calling me MOMMY!!”

"Mommy , Why don't you tell her to be good?

"Oh, yes, very, very funny, Matt. Will you still find it as funny once she's asking us for allowance and if she can take out some boy to a dance party?!"


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Re: Lost Media

Post by Unicornfire on Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:02 am

I was a latecomer to the RP, but young, teenage me liked to draw ASvsLB fanart. So, of course, I went and dug up a couple pictures of questionable quality.


I don't know if anybody remembers this, but there was at one point a magical plot tiger in ASvsLB. I think I made Maggey Byrde ride the plot tiger to an airplane or something for... plot reasons. I... yeah.

This had something to do with Apollo adopting the reincarnated Dahlia Hawthorne, apparently.

I also made these blushing Maggey sprites that I was way more proud of than I had the right to be.

Finally: Something I've never shared. I don't really remember clearly when it was, but I recall handwaving an extended absence for Maggey Byrde somewhere in the RP by having her bad luck somehow ending her up in the middle of nowhere with amnesia, then becoming a phantom thief, before finally reuniting with everyone else in the RP. It was really, really weird. In any case, I apparently started writing a fic in early 2012 based off my imagined adventures of Maggey the phantom thief. Here's the singular page I wrote before giving up.

The moon was shining bright that night. A slight breeze blew through the trees, rustling the leaves. Somewhere in the distance, a dog was howling. A typical evening for the Midwestern suburbs. Or, so one would think.

“Raven, how are things going?”

“Perfectly! I just disabled the alarms. We can sneak in whenever you're ready!”

If anyone had been paying close attention, someone may have noticed two shadowy figures slip through the illuminated grove and into an apparently unlocked small jewelry store. But, no one did. After all, the area was deserted.

Ideal conditions for a heist.

“This morning on the news: Local jewelry store robbed! Is this the work of the mysterious serial thieves Lupin and Raven?!”

Two people sat on a bed in a hotel room with the TV on. One, tall and handsome in dark clothing. The other, a relatively petite young woman with her dark brown hair clipped back with barrettes. The man laughed and turned off the TV with a remote.

“Well! I guess we can officially declare last night a success then, can't we?” he said, his voice cheerful. “What do you think? Shall we treat ourselves tonight?”

The girl smiled and nodded in return.

That girl would be me: Maggey Byrde! Or, as some know me, the Raven. To put it simply, I'm a thief! My partner, Alexander “Noir” Lupin, the good-looking fella I mentioned earlier, is my partner.

Around two weeks ago, I found myself in the hospital with a horrible case of amnesia. All I could remember was my name and where I'm from, and even then, I wasn't absolutely positive on either account. Alex was the one who saved my life by bringing me to the hospital in the first place; apparently, I had been lying on the side of the road bleeding when he found me. I have no idea how I ended up there, though.

I knew I needed to get back home to Japanifornia, but I had no money or even form of identification on me. So, Alex and I struck a deal of which I was none the wiser at the time: He would take me across the country to Japanifornia... if I helped him with a few things.

He explained his situation to me once I was, for lack of a better phrase, under contract. He's a professional thief from Europe who is on the run. He came to America to, well, do some more stealing. Apparently, he wanted a partner, and I was perfect for him! I thought the idea of becoming a professional thief was really cool, and I suppose I was probably a bit desperate at the time anyway, so I agreed.

It was me who came up with the idea to use aliases and wear costumes! So, before our first heist, we went and bought some stuff, partially out of necessity. See, turns out I must wear glasses, because I was pretty much blind ever since I woke up at the hospital. So, we got me some contact lenses to go with my new outfit, which, to describe it one word, is black. Very, very black.

The first time we were out to steal, I was nervous. I didn't really know what to do. However, it went fairly smoothly up to the point where I tripped and set off some alarms. I was scolded pretty severely for that. Before we tried again, Alex taught me everything he knows. All the tricks, everything. Including how to pawn things on the black market.

And so, the flurry of robberies began. Somewhere along the line, we began to get admirers, so Alex decided to start sending these calling cards for big heists. (Which I think is pretty cocky, but whatever.) And somewhere along the line, I think I really began to enjoy what I do. Which might not be the best thing to admit to!

Anyhow, enough of the obligatory backstory.

As I turned the TV back on and continued to sit on the bed, Lupin was over in the closet examining our loot.

“Hey, Alex,” I said, “can I keep the pretty necklace with the blue diamonds? I like that one.”

“The one with the bird on it? Sure,” he replied absentmindedly. He zipped up the bag and stood up. “We should go. It's bad to stay in one place for too long.”

I nodded and jumped off the bed. We had several renowned detectives after us at this point, so he was absolutely right. And, anyway... We had gems to sell!

It's kind of weird realizing how long ago this all was now... 2012, yeesh...

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Re: Lost Media

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