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Dream Diary

Post by Nenilein on Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:46 pm

They say that reality can be stranger than fiction.

You know what's always stranger than fiction, though?


I thought it might be nice to have place to share the weirdest of the weird when it happens to occur to us at night, so here I go:

Nenilein, Night of February 13th to February 14th wrote:

I dreamt I was Rapunzel last night.
And I was on a train to Disney Princess summer camp.
And all the other princesses (some of which were clearly just girls from my real life school years but I didn’t notice that) were all groaning about how boring it was last year.
But I was super excited because OMG NO MORE TOWER.
Still, I was kinda lonely on the train. The other princesses seemed to be avoiding me a little. 
So I texted Eugene (yes, I had a cellphone) asking why he wasn’t on the train. A reminder, Eugene, in the movie, ends up becoming Rapunzel's steady boyfriend. Somehow my brain concluded he should be with her because of that. For princess summer camp.

It turned out he overslept, but don't worry, he said, he had a plan to come catch up.
So he faked a deadly illness to be brought to the trains next stop via ambulance - somehow.
He joined me in a room on the train (yes, the train has rooms. Don't ask how) with a large table on it, which I used to play the Game of Life with my sister and other princesses.
And then the camp managers got mad because Rapunzel!me and her boyfriendo wanted to share a tent.
They insisted we at least use separate sleeping bags. 
To which I replied "Duh!", since I was gonna do that anyway.
By the way, he also got the entire train quarantined for an hour with his stunt pretending to have the small pox.

It was so weird, but I was disappointed when I woke up, because it was really fun.

If I pretend I'm an adult real hard, I might just start being productive one day.

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