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Post by Aliucon on Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:36 am

This sounded like a good idea for someone that woke up at 5 AM with an idea surging from the moment they entered REM sleep.

Which probably means this is a horrible idea in practice, but I don't care.

Hello, this is a small thread made in honor of Valentine's Day. What is it for? Think of it as a bulletin board for messages from you to others. Messages from the heart. Yes, I'm trying to go by the cheesy angle here.

OK, this one has a fair few rules, so please listen/read closely.

1 - The main "objective" of this is to give each other messages about our positive (and negative) feelings about other people from the forum/community. The "catch" is that we try to do it by the medium we've known and loved for a while: RPing. We choose one character to be our "love messenger", so to speak.

"But that sounds super awkward", you might be saying to yourself.

... And you're right.

But think of it this way. How much do you talk about your feelings about someone just out in the open, with no prompt? I figured it can help to do so through a character who you know has no personal stake either way, or sometimes would even have an antagonistic position towards something you're usually positive about. As much as positivety is good, it behooves us to speak about our flaws and differences in some way to improve the relationship eventually, right?

... I'm not even at rule 1 and I'm already rambling. Anyway.

2- This is NOT limited to romantic messages or pursuits. Speak your mind about a friend of any degree. You can even speak about someone you barely know or just observes, if you think you have what to talk about.

3- Always keep the recipient's name somewhere on the top of your post/message. Other than that, actual message size doesn't matter. So long as it's clear to whom you're sending the message, you can say any number of things. From a message the length of a regular master's thesis to a simple "I wuv u <3", a lot of things can brighten one's day.

4- Characters here are not really 'claimed'. You use them for one message, and they're thereafter open for someone else (or the same person) to use, may they so wish. You're free to choose any character to deliver your message for any reason: be it that you like the character, or that your recipient loves the character, or that you just find them pretty or something. Just go whatever way your creativity takes you: it's all for the sake of sending a real message to a real person, after all. For that, I think lack of meta knowledge and things like that can be forsaken if necessary.

5- While you're free to speak what you want, you're still subject to the forum's rules, of course. And I wouldn't encourage bashing on other users, myself. So let's focus on the positive as much as possible before going to the negatives, please.

6- Usually it's the sender of a message that decides which character they want to use for the job, and that's how I intended to leave it. However, I will allow any person to make requests of what characters they 'would' like to see taking any sort of message to them. So if things are slow, hopefully this will give people ideas. Unfortunately, this comes with the caveat that OCs from either party cannot be requested; though they can still be used if the sender so wishes.

7- I request that this RP be locked 10 days after its release (which puts the end date at 24th of February). This is supposed to be a seasonal thing, after all.

... If the concept of having a character mediate your feelings for someone else is weird to grasp (and it probably is), I'll be sure to send my fair share of messages during the course of this thread. So I'll try to lead by example.

If there are any questions, I'll try to answer once I'm more lucid. Have a good Valentine's Day~!

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Aspects of the Heart Empty Re: Aspects of the Heart

Post by Shuda51 on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:22 am

Ah screw it.

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Post by Nenilein on Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:56 pm

Aspects of the Heart Talkin19

"Um... I'm not sure how to say this... This is a little awkward."

Aspects of the Heart Talkin32

"I-Is this okay? Well, I hope it's okay. I-I'm really sorry if it's not! ...Sorry... Anyway. Here goes nothing..."

Aspects of the Heart Talkin16

"So, um... She wanted me to tell you... She's been really thankful to be around so many cool people. Really, she can't even begin to explain, how much she's smiled and laughed because of all of you! Before this little group, she's always been a bit lonely. She didn't think she could get along with people for long. And yeah, it sucked... B-But! That's not to say she wants to be pitied or anything!"

Aspects of the Heart Talkin17

"Oh gosh... Now I made this sound like a total pity-party, didn't I!? I-I didn't mean to! I'm sorry, I mean... I... Ahh... Ahhhh."

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Aspects of the Heart Ratato18

"Enough with this mumbling nonsense, I'm taking it from here!"

Aspects of the Heart Ratato12

"You! Yes, you morons, out there! Listen up! You all damn lovely people, so you better act like it, got it? Got it."

Aspects of the Heart Ratato12

"So don't you ever dare go and sell yourselves short! I'm warning you. If you do, I won't forgive you, bastards."

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Aspects of the Heart Empty Re: Aspects of the Heart

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