HELP! (With FAQs)

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HELP! (With FAQs)

Post by Regiwi on Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:07 pm

So, thought I'd set this up again for anyone who's having issues with the site. Keep in mind this is for help with the site, not suggestions of things on the site you want changed/added, there'll be another thread for that.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why aren't my images showing?
As many of you have probably noticed, Photobucket has been making it difficult to use their images without signing up to their paid service recently. Some images seem to work but we've not had a lot of success on here, so the best option really is to try using another image hosting service if possible. We also have the built in option to host on servimg straight from the tab you're posting in.
Any1 has kindly written a tutorial with pictures on how to use Servimg so if you need further assistance check out this thread!

Why did we move?
The original Case Files was hosted by Invisionfree, which seems to have collapsed and due to this we were forcibly moved to Tapatalk. Tapatalk had a lot less options and forced a lot of irritating restrictions on things we could do whilst telling us we had to subscribe to their paid service to have more options, so we decided to look for another forum host and this seems to have worked out much better. We even seem to have some extras over the original version of Case Files which makes things even better. Once we get further things set up I'm sure this place will really shine.


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