The Rules (Read before posting!)

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The Rules (Read before posting!)

Post by Nenilein on Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:51 pm

Okay kids, here are the rules for our forums. They are based on the rules of Court Records, the forum our humble group started out in. Try to follow them, will you?

-NO FLAMING. Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated on this board. Fandoms are meant for spreading the joy of the things we love, so don't air your personal grudges here. Everyone has a right to their own opinion in all matters but PLEASE, do so in a CIVIL manner.

-NO FLAMING PEOPLE'S PREFERENCES. Opinions are diverse and so are people. This is NOT the place to argue the merits of liking certain pairings, etc. Case Files invites RPing on a diverse level and "don't like don't click" is the golden rule of thumb. You can discuss the RP. You can not attack people for liking or disliking the RP.

-NO ADULT MATERIAL. If you want to present a certain adult rated fanfiction/fanart/link, post a link to the work in question. Do not post or attach it here or it will be removed. No nudity, no sex, no extreme violence.

-POST IN THE RIGHT FORUMS. All personal introduction posts go directly to the Rolecall section. Keep all discussions where they belong. Look before you post. If you are new to the forum please take the time to learn which forum is for which topics before posting.

Be patient, learn the ropes, and please use the search function when needed.

-PLEASE MAKE ATTEMPTS AT GRAMMAR. If you want to be taken seriously use proper punctuation and keep spelling errors to a minimum. You are not Sal Manella and no one is impressed by your 1337.

-NO SPAMMING. Though this is very open-ended rule, it makes life easier if your posts stay on topic and don't include a dozen quote boxes, macros, or smilie floods. Think before you post.

-ADVERTISING IS ONLY PERMITTED IN THE ROLECALL SECTION. Do not advertise for your boards/games/home pages anywhere else or it will be removed.

-IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANOTHER USER, REPORT THEM. Do not engage your fellow members in useless arguments. Either simply report the post, or contact someone on the admin/mod team, and we will deal with the problem as quickly and smoothly as possible. There is a link titled "Report an abuse" at the bottom of the page.

-IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A MOD, TELL AN ADMIN (Neni, Regiwi or Triplemathics). Do not engage the mods in useless arguments. As past experience has shown by now, snapping at a mod because you don't agree with their modly decision is the quickest way to get banned. If you don't feel you can talk to a mod in a calm, mature fashion, please save yourself some trouble and talk to an admin. We will do our best to resolve the issue quickly and smoothly.

-DON'T WHINE. If you can't express yourself in a somewhat serious manner, we don't want to hear it. Please do not bump your own threads whining for people to post/review your fanworks/etc.

-KEEP YOUR SIG SMALL. Sigs are NOT to exceed 1000x360 pixels (the size of the Forum banner), no exceptions. Everyone also is able to upload a 200x200 avatar if they so choose. No warnings will be given if your avatar or sig is too large - it will be deleted. Text and quotes count into the size of the sig. DO NOT PUT SPOILER TAGS IN YOUR SIG. We don't care what's in it.

-DO NOT HOTLINK OFF OF SOURCES LIKE COURT RECORDS OR SPRITER'S RESOURCE. That means if you want to show off a piece of art or a sprite, host it  using the "host an image" function or using a hosting service of your choice. Avoid photobucket, because their links tend to arbitrarily break. In any case, it hurts the site when you hotlink. As we try to keep the pressure on other sites low, this rule goes for all of the RPs.

-BEWARE NECROPOSTING. This forum is not militant about necro-posting (posting in a thread that has been dead for a significant amount of time). However, if you search out an old thread, ask yourself if what you're about to say is really relevant before posting. If a thread is necro'd with pointless lol-ing or irrelevant banter, it'll be locked. If an RP is dead, it's dead.

-YOU ARE ALLOWED ONLY ONE ACCOUNT. We do not smile on multiple accounts here. If you have more than one, don't freak out, we're not going to hunt you down. But if you get suspended/banned and use a second account to continue posting anyway, you are banned for life, no exceptions. If you find yourself suspended/banned and believe it is unjust, please come straight to the mods OFF THE FORUM to have it settled.

-DO NOT POST SPOILERS TO BRAND NEW MEDIA IN YOUR SIGS OR AVATARS. Nobody likes coming on to RP just to be told who died in the latest episode of Game of Thrones against their will. Nobody.

-DO NOT DARE US TO BAN YOU. If the words "Go ahead and ban me" appear on our screens, our next three clicks will be going towards removing you from this forum. It's pointless and a waste of time, so don't even bother with it. You would only show that you don't have anything better to do with your time.

And finally~

-BE COOL. In general we're all fun people here. A lot of us enjoy jokes and sarcasm. Sometimes it's hard to tell sarcasm online but this is a fandom forum, and if you find yourself taking it too personally or too seriously try to take a step back before letting it get the better of you. But at the same time, being a jerk in the name of humor is not really humor, so remember that everyone is here to have fun and there's no need to be mean-spirited.

With friendly greetings,
Your Triforce of Coolness

If I pretend I'm an adult real hard, I might just start being productive one day.

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