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Post by General Tommy on Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:29 am

Threeradox is the latest incarnation of the Paradox RP, a massive crossover RP hosted by yours truly, as well as Peachy.  The RP's plot is as follows: Near the end of the multiverse's lifecycle, a cataclysmic event known as the Paradox occurs.  The barriers between realities thin, and things arrive where they shouldn't be.  This event signifies the death of all things, and its ultimate rebirth into a new reality.

To make matters worse for all, many terrible fiends and villains from many different realities are choosing to take advantage of the chaos caused by the Paradox, invading worlds otherwise beyond their reach, intending to subjugate or destroy any who oppose them.  Many of these villains have ended up in a hellish realm, known only as Endstrata, where they plot to defeat their adversaries.

However, not all hope is lost.  To combat the growing tide of evil, a band of heroes, from all over creation, have been brought to a world known as Terra Ancora, a curious world that exists outside the normal flow of the multiverse.  This world is notable for the ruler of the largest nation there: Astrid, the Goddess of Light.  She is a caring goddess, who loves and cherishes all life, and her loving light may be felt all over the world, even in the parts she does not directly rule.

The Heroes find themselves in the capital city of the Astridian Empire: Larstern, within which the Temple of Astrid may be found.  This city serves as a hub for all heroes, boasting some technology that doesn't belong there, in addition to having surprisingly high native technology.  Many people from all across reality have found themselves trapped upon this sacred world, and have chosen to make a living here.  Some choose to fight against the growing tide of darkness, while others merely wish to live.  However, to those who choose to fight, they must face the greatest battle in all of creation.  Whether these champions of light are prepared or not, none can say for certain, but should they fail, all is lost.  Now, let us begin, and welcome once more, to the Paradox RP!

Now, it is time to lay out the rules of this RP.  The rules are simple, and ultimately familiar for those who have played in the previous incarnations in the past.

FIRST RULE: No god-modding or bunnying allowed. The GMs have the final say on what counts as such.

SECOND RULE: If you wish to add something significant to the plot, discuss it first with the GMs. Not doing so will result in an instant veto, and the event being retconned.

THIRD RULE: OCs are allowed within specific contexts. They are allowed if they are from a pre-existing setting and fit within it. If they're not from a pre-existing setting, or are illogical, they will be denied.  Characters native to Astrid's continuity are exempt from this rule, solely due to the fact that this setting plays a role in the story.

FOURTH RULE: The character cap is two villains, six heroes and one merchant per player. No more than three heroes from the same setting.

FIFTH RULE: Assist characters can only not count against the character cap if they fit the following requirements:
A. They should, preferably (although not necessarily), be a minor character from the same series as the character they're an assist of.
B. Your assist must be completely tied to your character, to such a degree that it's awkward for one to be around without the other.
C. If those requirements are not met, a character will count as an assist as long as they remain within their home setting.

SIXTH RULE: Apps and discussion about the roleplay can only be posted in the Out of Character thread. Click here to open the thread.

SEVENTH RULE: You can freely claim characters you used in the previous instance of Paradox, but if someone else claims them before you do, they will take preference.

Now, it is time for some final words from our GMs.  First, I shall tell you this, I am honored to have this RP continue to thrive in spite of all odds, and I truly look forward to seeing how this RP develops over time.  Perhaps in time, we shall finally see the conclusion to this long journey, though I hope the journey itself will be more fun than ever before.

As for Peachy, well, she hopes that she'll do a good job running this RP with me, and she also wants to let you know that she doesn't bite.  Now, let us begin!
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